Visual Kei Pants Review

Product: This time the piece of clothing are these black pants with belt straps down the legs. You’ll most likely find them on Ebay if you search “Kera”.

punk rave kera visual kei pants review

Info: As I stated in my previous reviews, I’m an American size 8/9 or Large. Like the other pants I reviewed, I ordered an XXL and it seems to fit well. I may need a belt to tighten up the waist, but that’s better than almost being to tight like a previous pair. (They seem to fit perfectly until I start walking, haha.)

I’m not really sure if these are actual “Punk Rave” brand pants.
The other pants of this brand that I received, came in an official Punk Rave plastic envelope, had the signature spider button, and had all the tags stating it was Punk Rave.

These came in a plain, clear plastic envelope, a black plastic star button, and no tags.

punk rave strapped legs pants review

Black plastic star button instead of a metal spider button. (Sorry for hair in the pic, I have cats lol)

They did not come with the side chain that is shown in the photos, but they did come with the two suspender straps show hanging behind the legs.

Even if they aren’t official “Punk Rave” as the seller led me to believe, they still look exactly like the photo and the material looks sturdy enough. They do resemble that brand. The seller is listed at the official Punk Rave website, so maybe it was a fault of the brand….

Things I didn’t like about these pants were: Nothing to note. Suspenders get caught on chairs a lot, or on my feet when I’m getting up from the floor I guess. Re-buckling the buckles after the wash is slightly annoying, but nothing awful.

Nice Detail: The suspenders are detachable, (which is good since they can can get caught on things).

Overall: Happy. For the price, they are worth it.

Where I bought mine: hammerhiroko on Ebay. Like before, they arrived in about 9 days after ordering and the packaging wasn’t damaged, though the plastic packaging does seem a bit flimsy. (I have seen bad reviews for their packaging on their Ebay site, so be aware that when you order anything from China, it’s always a risk!)

End: I wore these pair of pants almost every day for exactly 2 years (not counting 6 summer months haha), until they ripped when I bent down. I’m pretty sure I wore them more than their intended purpose, so these are a good pair of pants. I’ve ordered them again.


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