Sprout: Recap Two

Okay, I’m sure some of you could tell that I wasn’t too impressed with the first episode of this drama. After watching it, I went and read the first volume of the manga version and was surprised at the things they had changed. I actually preferred the manga much more, so I think I’m going to read it when the drama is over or I might liked the drama even less.

But I’ll finish this drama and maybe I’ll like it by the end. Hey, maybe I’ll even like it after this next episode!

Episode Summary:

In the beginning, there’s just a little recap scene where the girls are discussing how Miku thinks Souhei, the guy who moved into her house, is her “fated one”. They ask her why she didn’t ask him out and she tells them about how he’s dating Ozawa.
Miku tells herself it wasn’t fate after all… that it was just a coincidence.

At the soccer field, Souhei’s friends ask him about living with Miku. He tells them that she didn’t want him to tell anyone. They suddenly change the subject to Ozawa, kind of catching him off guard. Apparently Souhei hadn’t told his friends that he was dating her~ Hmmmm. I guess he’s not the type to just announce things?

Meanwhile, walking down the hall, Miku’s friends are telling her to move on from Souhei since he’s taken. She agrees, but can’t figure out how.
Just then, they run into a scene of Hayato, (the guy she saw kissing a girl near the lockers last episode), with three girls. He’s trying to decide which girl he should go on a date with. Since they’re all the same to him, he decides with Rock, Paper, Scissors. The girls don’t seem to be offended by this at all, which enforces his “player” image.

Miku and her friends walk away and start talking about him. They say he’s always dating a million girls and won’t “belong” to just one. Miku remembers how he was kissing a girl before and ponders it, however, for some reason she doesn’t tell her friends.
They all start planning a group date for Miku to forget about Souhei.
Hayato is in the background… his image blurring as she again thinks about the mysterious boy who helped her get to the nurse’s office, (implying that he’s that boy maybe?). It’s not known whether he hears Miku tell the others that she wants a boyfriend or if he was too far away.

At night, Souhei walks up to Miku in the kitchen and asks her if she’s free on Sunday. She wonders if it’s a date, but he’s just asking her if she’ll come to a barbecue for everybody boarding at the house. She seems a bit disappointed, but says she’ll go.
When he leaves, she wonders why she had forgotten that he was already dating someone else.

In the next scene, Miku is walking outside with the other boarders, Kiyoko and Naoharu. Kiyoko is refusing to help carry or cook anything for the barbecue because she only wants her future husband to see her as a housewife. (Bratty, but cute, haha).

Souhei and his friends wave to them when they see them and Miku smiles… until Ozawa is seen as well. Miku seems disappointed.

Souhei’s friends flirt with Kiyoko. She says she has a boyfriend, but that it’s not official, (maybe it’s a one-sided crush).
Meanwhile, Souhei is asking Hayato if he likes anyone. Hayato says no, he’s bad at real love. Souhei says falling in love feels nice and they look over to where Ozawa and Miku are setting things up.

Ozawa is telling Miku that she wants to be friends with her. Miku seems a bit uncomfortable and changes the subject.

At that moment, Souhei runs up and asks to help them out. Ozawa says they’re fine, so Souhei starts goofing off with the food.
Naoharu, (the otaku), happens to see Ozawa at that moment, (though he must have seen her earlier when they were waving, right? lol), and looks surprised. He thinks she looks just like a game character that he likes.

He goes on about the game, saying it’s not perverted. He shows a picture of the character to the guys and she’s pretty cute. Naoharu claims that Ozawa is the real version. Ozawa tells him that she wants to play that game sometime. Souhei tells Naoharu not to flirt with his girlfriend and Ozawa grabs his hand with a smile. Miku doesn’t look happy.

Later, Hayato is out being a loner near the water. Miku comes up to him and asks what’s wrong. He says there’s no real reason that he’s there. She decides to ask him about Souhei and Ozawa since he’s known them for a long time. He tells her they’ve been dating since the end of middle school.
They both get up and watch the group from a distance.

Miku watches Souhei laughing and thinks, “He’s my…. He’s not my fated person”.
Hayato notices Miku watching his friend.

Kiyoko, Naoharu and Miku are at home now. Suddenly they hear a phone ringing. None of them recognize it.
Answering the phone, Miku finds it belongs to Souhei and goes out to bring it back to him.

Ozawa and Souhei are walking together. Ozawa brings up the fact that Souhei’s mom’s house must not be a comfortable place for him and he agrees. He says it’s because he looks like his dad, who she divorced.
He apologizes for talking about a depressing topic (even though she’s the one that brought it up), and she tells him she likes knowing more about him.

Miku gets there just as Souhei is taking Ozawa’s hand.
She looks at her own hand, remembering the incident where a mysterious boy helped her and became her “fated one”. She’s sure Souhei was that guy, so she starts silently crying.

Wondering why it couldn’t have been her instead of Ozawa, she turns around and leaves.

Later that night, she watches Souhei’s back and again remembers the opening ceremony incident.
He suddenly starts talking to her and tells her to look out for his girlfriend since she wants to be friends with her. She asks why he has to tell her that and he says with a smile that it’s because he’s Ozawa’s boyfriend.

In school, Ozawa walks up to Miku and starts telling her how happy she is that she got to hang out with her at the barbecue. At that moment, some of the girls who don’t like Ozawa walk by, talking about how annoying she is. They stop when they see her.
Miku agrees with them in her head but doesn’t say anything. They go on about it again after they’ve passed Ozawa.

Wondering what to do, Miku takes Ozawa’s hand and says, “Let’s go” in a friendly tone.

Once out of the area, Ozawa gratefully says thank you. Miku says nothing, turns and runs up to the roof.
But Souhei sees her there and greets her. They tell each other that the roof is the most relaxing place.
Miku reminds herself again that it’s not fate; just a coincidence.

Ozawa then appears and goes on to tell Souhei about how Miku “saved” her.
Miku says, “You talk too much” in her head. Ozawa goes on about how happy she is, because before Miku, she hasn’t had any female highschool friends. All the girls are jealous of her and hate on her so it’s a first.

Miku denies their friendship in their head and obviously looks uncomfortable.
Souhei thanks her as well.
Miku smiles and tells them she has to leave. As Ozawa thanks her again, Miku thinks about how annoying the girl is. (Because it’s always annoying to talk to your boyfriend and express your happy thankfulness when a new friend helps you out.)

She hurries down the stairs and literally runs right into Hayato. He notices she is crying as she quickly wipes her tears away and asks if she’s okay. He hears Souhei and Ozawa coming from above the stairs and pulls her to the side so they don’t see her.

As the couple walks away, Miku watches and admits to herself that she likes Souhei.
Hayato doesn’t like seeing her upset and suddenly kisses her.

Opinion After Watching:

Ugh, so far, I just cannot get into this drama. I just don’t like Miku or the story.
I don’t like how obsessive she is. Just because some random guy helped her to the nurse, she can’t stop thinking that she’s meant to be with him. Okay, I could see how she might be curious, but that’s all that’s on her mind. It would’ve been really funny if she had found out, before she met Souhei, that it was a really creepy guy. I wonder how her “fate” would’ve held up then.

So she gets a crush on Souhei and automatically transfers her obsession onto him. She barely knows the guy and already she’s crying over him and secretly hating on Ozawa. Wait, if any characters in this drama could read her facial expressions besides Hayato, her feelings really wouldn’t be that secret. She never looks happy when they’re thanking her, how can they not notice?

I’ve seen some comments on the net about how people are feeling sad for her because she looks like she’s in so much pain. She looks more like she’s just uncomfortable most of the time. But, if Miku gets together with Souhei, I’d feel sorrier for Ozawa since she’s been with him longer. I’m sure her pain would be even worse. Before that happens, though, I bet most of the viewers will view Ozawa as the “bad guy” just because she was Souhei’s girlfriend before Miku even knew him.

Anyway… even though I have some major complaints, I’m still going to be recapping this drama.
I’m sorry to anybody who loves it, but I can’t help but rant XD;;; I guess it’s just not really my style.

Episode Fanart:


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