Shining Inheritance Korean Drama

Shining Inheritance

My Score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Han Hyo Joo Lee Seung Ki Bae Soo Bin Moon Chae Won

Episodes: 28

Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy

Watch: On DramaFever

Summary: In a series of quick events, a down-to-earth rich girl finds herself alone in the world with no family to lean on. Eventually she befriends a wealthy old woman. This wealthy old woman’s family consists of immature and selfish people who can’t support themselves without her and so, this woman insists that the girl becomes her heir instead.

Meanwhile, due to a previous misunderstanding, the girl keeps being harassed by the old woman’s self-absorbed and distrusting grandson, who also lives in the house.

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Review: This is a fairly popular drama. Even though it was pretty long compared to average dramas I watch, I enjoyed it.

I liked how intricate the relationships between the characters were. Yes, it might seem a bit too coincidental, but it made the plot more interesting and less simple. The story did slow down in two episodes near the end when it took a turn towards business. I got a bit bored during that part, but it only lasted 2 or 3 episodes, so it wasn’t bad. I think I was just more interested in the relationship aspects of the drama instead of the business problems and got impatient. However, the show picked up again right after those episodes.

The flow of the story did seem really good. Though this drama is really long, it didn’t feel like there were any fillers in it. Everything fit together really nicely and made sense. There was a lot of drama, but also enough comedy and cute scenes to balance it out.

Classic “falling-on-you-by-mistake” scene~

The acting was really good. All the actors impressed me, except for Hwan’s sister… her crying was just annoying haha. (Though, I suppose she was good at acting the way her character was supposed to be). I liked the little expressions here and there that made the performances real. The characters were interesting and somewhat complex at times. Even the hated characters had a believable reason for doing the things they did. Though I hated the step-mom and step-sister, their scene together at the end was the only one that made me tear up. (Oh, and I have to note that Eun Sung’s autistic younger brother was too adorable!)

Character development was good. For example, the main guy character, Hwan, was really horrible in the beginning. The first time I watched this drama, I really couldn’t stand him at all. But when I watched it again, I realized that it wasn’t that he was just a terrible jerk, but he was just really not trusting towards others and he just lacked ability to see outside of his own world. I also, don’t think he started falling for the girl just because he felt sorry for her, but because he came to realize his view of her had been wrong the whole time.

Eun Sung and her brother.

One thing I really didn’t like was how Hwan kept physically pulling and jerking the girl around by force whenever she wouldn’t listen to him. I’m aware that it’s a Korean male stereotype to be that way, (various youtube videos by people living in Korea have noted that, though I don’t know if it’s actually true), but it still really got on my nerves. Any time I see a woman being dragged around against her will I feel angry. But besides that one thing, I found the drama enjoyable.

Then ending was really good. There were no loose ties at all and it ended on a sweet note.

My Score: 8/10

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