G@me Japanese Movie Review

G@me Movie

My Score: 8.5/10 


Director: Satoshi Isaka

Cast: Naohito Fujiki Yukie Nakama 

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Summary: Sakuma is one of the best in his advertising company and he’s about to be in charge of a giant project. However, suddenly the project is canceled by the VP of his client’s company. In anger, he goes to the VP’s house, but runs into the man’s daughter.

He finds she is running away from home because she’s an illegitimate child and can’t stand how they treat her. She follows him to his house and then suggests that he “kidnaps” her. They can both split the money and she will be able to study overseas like she has been dreaming about.

Review: Okay, so usually I can predict story-lines pretty well. Obviously it’s hard to ignore the sneaky expressions the girl makes now and then, so I was suspecting something about her. However, even with that, I couldn’t predict the ending to this movie.

The last half of the movie really picked up. It wasn’t an action movie, but it was exciting enough when it needed to be.

This movie wasn’t really mind-blowing for me, but it was interesting and clever enough to be enjoyable. I would recommend watching this if you like some mystery and clever characters.

Warning: There’s a long sex scene, but there is no nudity. It just shows them kissing in a kind of montage… just 13+ stuff.

My Score: 8.5/10 


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