Product Review: Holika Holika Egg Soap

Product: This month’s review is on the Hollika Hollika egg soap.

Info: This soap comes individually wrapped tightly with a clear plastic. It comes in 4 different types: Regular, Red Clay, Green Tea, and Charcoal. I got the Red Clay.

Opinion: It does have a perfume smell like other reviews have stated. My nose is really sensitive to synthetic smells, but I quickly got used to it and haven’t been bothered at all. The smell under the perfume is kind of eggy, but pleasant.

I liked it, but not for the price… it’s hard to find this soap sold for under $15.00. With shipping and handling, you’re looking at $20.00 at least. That’s about $10.00 an egg. Now that would be do-able, but these eggs are small. They’re smaller than a normal real chicken egg. They last about a month each if used by two people.

At first, I thought it was a fairly good soap. Nothing special, but not worse than any other bar soap. However, after a month of using this, I realized that it was making me get pimples in places I never got them before… like around my eyes, eyebrows and forehead (and they’re not just small pimples). Also, the pimples wouldn’t clear faster or anything and they were more red than usual,  which is abnormal for me. (My diet hadn’t changed or anything else, so I’m pretty sure it was the soap.)

It is fairly drying, so use a moisturizer afterwards!

Overall: I won’t buy this again unless it’s to try one of the other formulas… and that’s just because I’m a very curious person, (which is why I bought this in the first place).

Bottom line is, you can get something just as effective for a much cheaper price, like African black soap bought in bulk. It also may or may not give you those strange pimples. My sister didn’t seem to have any problems like I did.

Where I bought mine: This is a pretty good site. You can request things you want from Korea if you can’t find it on any other site and they always send an extra little gift.  However, there are a few over-priced items on their site, so make sure you look around a bit first. It can also take a bit longer than usual to get the items since they’re kind of doing a middle-man thing, (they have to wait for their contact in Korea to send it to them first). Besides that, I like this shop and would probably order from them again.


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