June 15, 2013: New Korean MVs

Bangtan Boys and  ODD EYE debuted. Nell, Ivy, and Dynamic Duo came back, among others….

  • Bangtan Boys – No More Dreams
  • Dynamic Duo – 출첵 Feat. 나얼
  • Nell – Ocean of Light
  • ODD EYE – Catch Me If You Can
  • Lee Seung Chul – The Day to Love
  • HÜ – Hope, Again
  • Princess Disease – Iced Coffee
  • Counter Reset – One Of A Kind
  • Park Myung Soo – You’re My Girl
  • T-ara, The SeeYa, 5dolls, & SPEED – Painkiller
  • SISTAR – Give It To Me
  • Big Mama’s Lee Ji Young & Phantom’s Hanhae – Inconvenient Truth
  • After School – First Love
  • Smells – Up And Down
  • Ivy – I Dance
  • BBde Girl – Halo
  • Tiny-G – Here We Go
  • Yu Seung Woo – Give it to me
  • Park Sae Byul – If Love Lets Us Reunite
  • Somdef – Circus Feat. Jinbo
  • Counter Reset – Inside of Me
  • Square the Circle (스퀘어 더 써클) – Charlie
  • Exit10 – 스쳐가네 (Drama Ver.)
  • Chocolat – Black Tinkerbell
  • Crayon Pop – Bar Bar (+Bar)

Bangtan Boys – No More Dreams↓↓↓
Category: Hip-hop Kpop

So many people are saying they’re a “mix between BAP and Block B.” (Sad how people forget about MIB, which is another “idol hip-hop” group). Fans of Block B will probably like them for sure. Probably a good amount of BAP fans as well. Me? Well I’m a big Korean hip-hop fan who likes some Kpop as well. Block B is my favorite Kpop group and so, I don’t ever want to compare them to another, but I do really like Bangtan Boys so far. (But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid of having them “replace” Block B since Block B is going through problems right now….)
Anyway, I’m really interested in this group. This debut song is good and makes me excited. They all seem to fit well together. The MV is flashy and kind of dark, but it’s nothing special. Looking at LC9, we could say that’s a good thing since it doesn’t over-shadow the song itself. However, looking at BAP, they could’ve had something special in there.

Dynamic Duo – 출첵 Feat. 나얼↓↓↓
Category: Hip Hop

Awesome song by this famous duo. The MV is great, showing them parodying common things seen on TV.

Nell – Ocean of Light↓↓↓
Category: Alternative Rock

Fun MV, but it can’t compare to their last one for “The Day Before,” which was deeper. The song is pretty, like always, and has a more upbeat sound than the last one.
(Read More About Nell Here)

ODD EYE – Catch Me If You Can↓↓↓
Category: Kpop/Alternative

Okay… I have no idea how to actually categorize this! o_o The sound is so different. There’s a violin and vocals with a beat. There’s kind of a minor sound going on as well. Very unique. I hope they do well!

Lee Seung Chul – The Day to Love↓↓↓
Category: Ballad

Another really awesome ballad. I love this song! The MV is pretty captivating, and tells the stories of a few different couples. My favorite one is with Kim Ji Suk as the guy with the bunny in the cafe.
According to few translations I’ve found around, the beginning is of Lee Seung Chul as a DJ and mentions the memories of falling in love. He asks if people still live in the memories of those loves.
On the bunny, Kim Ji Suk wrote that he’s going in the army and wants her to remember him. On the other side, she asks if she can wait for him.
I think there might be a continuation to this, or I’d be happy if it was part of a movie or something too! Haha.

HÜ – Hope, Again↓↓↓
Category: Indie/Acoustic Rock

A really nice sounding song that sounds pretty optimistic. I like the male vocals too.
This is an indie trio group and “Hope, Again” is their first MV.

Princess Disease – Iced Coffee↓↓↓
Category: Indie

Laid-back and relaxing. The male vocals are pure. I could see this playing at a Coffee Shop, haha.

Counter Reset – One Of A Kind↓↓↓
Category: Rock

A happy true-rock song. It has a bit of a punk feel to it. You need to check this out if you like rock! (You might remember them from last week, with “Rock N’ Roll Day.”)

Park Myung Soo – You’re My Girl↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

The MV is funny, but the song stands by itself. I think it would be fun to hear in a club/dance.

T-ara, The SeeYa, 5dolls, & SPEED – Painkiller↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Oh this song is pretty good! I like the kind of trot-like rhythm. The MV is good too. Her acting was good and it wasn’t boring. The director did a great job showing her state of mind as well, (for example, the bottle of “emotion”.)

SISTAR – Give It To Me↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Another sexy comeback from a girl group. I like some of the outfits here. The song is pretty good, in my opinion. It’s pretty sensual with the breathy voice thing they do when singing, haha.

Big Mama’s Lee Ji Young & Phantom’s Hanhae – Inconvenient Truth↓↓↓
Category: R&B

Lee Ji Young’s vocals are really beautiful. The MV is another song to add to the “Disturbing MV” list. Trigger warning for abuse & murder.

After School – First Love↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

I know there was another girl group who did pole dancing a year or two ago, (was it SISTAR?), but it turned into controversy and they weren’t able to really promote it much. I don’t see any of that happening with After School, so maybe the public has accepted it? lol
Anyway, it’s pretty sexy, but I don’t exactly think of pole dancing and sensuality when thinking of “First Love” XD;

Smells – Up And Down↓↓↓
Category: House/Indie

House-genre songs like this remind me of the PSP game “Luminous” haha. I just love listening to these while driving at night through a city. The vocals work great in this song too.

Ivy – I Dance↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Oh, I’ve liked Ivy since her “Crazy” song from 2009.
Kinki MV haha. Wow, this must be the season for sexy female Kpop singers. JYP wrote this song for her, right? I think I remember reading that. Doesn’t sound too bad! I have to say that at first, Yubin’s rap seemed out of place, but I did end up liking it. The second time she raps, it has a better transition though.

BBde Girl – Halo↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Oh this song is actually good! The MV is such low quality, that it’s misleading. I love the groovy sound. There’s something about it that reminds me of the 90’s (aka, my childhood lol).

Category: Kpop/Acoustic

Cute and pure. Her voice has a child-like sound to it and the MV is full of doodles and tons of white.

Tiny-G – Here We Go↓↓↓
Category: Kpop/Rock

This is for a game promo, but I like the song. Their voices are great and the rock influence is fun.

Yu Seung Woo – Give it to me↓↓↓
Category: Acoustic

This is a cover of SISTAR’s new song, which is also included in this week’s list. This isn’t a full version, but I like what he does to his voice, especially at 0:55.

Park Sae Byul – If Love Lets Us Reunite↓↓↓
Category: Ballad

A soothing song. Her voice is beautiful as it grows stronger. The MV feels romantic. I’m not really into ballads, but I do like this one.

Somdef – Circus Feat. Jinbo↓↓↓
Category: Indie

Pretty trippy MV, haha. The song is unique as well. It’s kind of funky and has some soul. (BTW, Somdef is the producer. Vocals are done by Jinbo.) Very laid-back.

Counter Reset – Inside of Me↓↓↓
Category: Rock

This song starts out kind of mellow, but then gets a lot more energetic. Still, the vocals seem more subdued compared to their “One Of A Kind,” which is also on this week’s list.

Square the Circle (스퀘어 더 써클) – Charlie↓↓↓
Category: Rock

The vocals are a bit unique, in my opinion. The instrumental sounds like good old wholesome rock.

Exit10 – 스쳐가네 (Drama Ver.)↓↓↓
Category: Rock

While break-up videos are overdone, I did kind of enjoy watching this one. Probably because of the way it’s kind of open-ended.

Chocolat – Black Tinkerbell↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

There are some pretty visuals in the MV. The song has some nice parts, but for the most part, it’s not too memorable.

Crayon Pop – Bar Bar (+Bar)↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

I can’t remember that last thing Crayon Pop came out with, but it feels like it’s been awhile. But hmmm… while the song isn’t as bad as some people were saying, it does just seem like a soundtrack sort of song. The MV itself, well, I’m not really sure what the “story” here is lol. Maybe they’re 2nd MV will be better. Right now, I don’t feel it’s a good come-back.


5 thoughts on “June 15, 2013: New Korean MVs

  1. *Bangtan Boy – I was really looking forward for that debut since one of the kid feat in JoKwon Animal…I like the song, the MV is so so but the dance routine is awseome
    *Nell – Need to blame SungGyu for my love for Nell, I really like the mv and the song, the only thing that I need to point is the synthesizer sound, it’s the same melody use for Man In Love…
    *Odd Eyes – Still unsure about it, I like the idea but I wasn’t watch the mv or listen to the song all the way to the end…
    *CCM team ( sorry to lazy to type all the name) I really liked the song, but unlike you I think JiYeon ( I think it’s her) acting was pretty poor…I couldn’t feel her acting, was suppose to cry, but I felt nothing…
    *After School – Agree song and dance doesn’t match…I didn’t saw any video about Sistar pole dancing so I can’t tell why they couldn’t do it, but for AS I think it’s because they doesn’t only focus on the sexy thing, what they do it’s really more acrobatic figure than vulgar pole dancing. When I saw the performance of it, i was blow away by what the girls did…
    *Heyne – That girl is so adorable, the song is refreshing and the music video is all cute
    * Sistar – There is some part of the MV that I’m not sure about, but I love the song

    • Oh I didn’t even know he was in Jo Kwon’s Animal :0 haha

      Sistar didn’t focus on being vulgar with the pole dancing either, though. They kept emphasizing that it was more of a sport. I think maybe with Ga-in doing it and Sistar paving the way, that After School didn’t have to deal with as many people freaking out about it XD

      • Yes one of them is feature on the song and you can see him on some music show performance with JoKwon. I remember thinking the kid of good rapping skills. So I look if he was in any group that how I knew BTS will eventually debut.

        From what a read Knetizen seems to think that pole dancing is to compensate their lacking vocal talent… I mean about After School…

      • I’ll have to look it up then XD

        That makes more sense for them to be saying that than to be in an uproar over how it’s vulgar like they did with Sistar though lol… Though maybe it’s better to be labeled inappropriate than someone with no talent… >.< lol maybe not IDK

      • When he did Animal he did it under his real name Jung HoSuk while with BTS his stage name is J-Hope

        If Sistar try the pole dance in the beginning of that sexy girl group concept explosion, I’m somehow to get why netizen overreact (once again) now if they try to do it again I don’t think it would be a big deal. The only thing knetizen might say it that it cover for Dasom, Bora, Soyu singing skill since they can’t say that for hyorin

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