Shut Up Flower Boy Band: Korean Drama

shut up flower boy band kdrama

Shut Up Flower Boy Band (Shut Up and Let’s Go)

Korean Drama (2012) Episodes: 16
Genre: Friendship/Music/Comedy My Score: 7.5/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: A group of high school boys have a band. This drama is about the challenges their band faces as they try to go mainstream.
Lead Actors: Sung JoonLLee Hyun JaeKim Min SukYoo Min KyuLee Min Ki, and Jo Bo Ah

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shut up flower boy band 2

Review: There’s a lot of hype for this drama. Personally, I thought it was good, but nothing amazing. I enjoyed watching it, but never felt addicted to it.

I think one of the big reasons this drama has so many fans is because it did something not many dramas would do. It was bold in dismissing it’s most interesting and eccentric character so soon in the series. I like how they took a chance to do this, since most dramas would just make implications about the influential character with photos or simply speaking of him. However, Shut Up Flower Boy Band actually introduced him to the viewers before having him leave the drama, (which had to happen for the plot to progress).

shut up flower boy band 3

I just wish they would have kept him around a bit longer or included more flashbacks throughout the series. Sixteen episodes is a long drama journey and it’s hard to easily remember the influence he had by the middle of the series.

The acting was decent for such new actors. One thing that bothered me was the way a few of the actors looked like they were hiding smiles when they should have been upset or sad. Besides that, nothing made me cringe or anything, haha.

There were a few common drama tropes, (such as the girl being chased by loan sharks), but overall, the story had an original feel to it. It does a great job with the friendship. The drama was more about friendship than romance, and I think they did a great job keeping the two in balance. Also, even though there were so many main characters, it didn’t take long to figure them all out. I like how the group had a real band vibe… because in the drama, they were a real band instead of an idol one like in You’re Beautiful.

shut up flower boy band 4

Story-wise, things were pretty put together. Nobody reacts strangely or anything. Nothing seems out of place or silly. I couldn’t find any plot holes. I like the little things in the drama, for example, the way Byung Hee started the song for the “muse”, but Ji Hyuk finished it. Little details like that were scattered around. I also really liked how nothing went perfectly for them. It had more of a real-life feeling to it.

There were decent cliff-hangers, but I never felt super hooked on the drama. Only two episodes made me feel anything while watching. I kept having a feeling that this drama had the potential to be better.

The drama did have a great soundtrack, as a music drama should.
Also, FYI, the female singer is part of the real life group “Two Months”, so it was really her singing in this drama, (loved her voice).

Overall, the drama was good, I just never felt emotionally invested in it or anything.


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