Sprout: Recap Seven

Miku and Hayato start dating~!

Last Episode:

Miku tried to keep Souhei away from a date with his girlfriend by hosting a birthday party for Hayato’s younger brother.

Souhei’s girlfriend, Ozawa, seems to  notice that Miku likes Souhei and has also noticed her boyfriend staring at Miku in a rather suspicious way… not to mention that her boyfriend lives with this girl. Ozawa becomes really insecure and gets angry.

Souhei goes to the party, but when Ozawa texts him to apologize for her jealousy, he leaves to go to her.

Before he leaves, he tells Miku his history with his girlfriend and how he’ll always be on his girlfriend’s side.
Hayato comforts Miku by having her hug his back.

Episode Summary:

Miku hugs Hayato, smiling genuinely. He tells her that spot is reserved just for her.

Souhei holds Ozawa’s hand and apologizes for making her feel insecure.
(He probably hasn’t fully admitted to himself that he likes Miku too, so he’s probably thinking all his attention of getting Miku and Hayato together is making his girlfriend feel uneasy).

Hayato takes Miku’s arms, turns around, and asks her to be his girlfriend.

She smiles happily and agrees.
I… can be here? she thinks.

The next day, Miku happily remembers what happened between her and Hayato.
She reenacts it, giggling.

The otaku and college girl see.
The otaku thinks out-loud that she’s “leveled up”.

The college girl runs up and asks if Miku has a girlfriend. Miku happily says yes.

Hayato leaves her a simple text about the weather. She leaves to reply.

The college girl thinks she’s too happy, but the otaku thinks she’s just in love.

While going down the stairs, Miku runs into Souhei.
They awkwardly remember the other night when Miku bad-mouthed Ozawa and caused Souhei to tell her that he’ll always be on Ozawa’s side.

Souhei apologizes for saying “weird things”, and Miku apologizes for saying “cruel things”.

Souhei smiles and says it’s okay.

Huh?… I don’t feel my heart tightening…. Miku thinks to herself.

“I was just a bit panicked because Miku was acting strangely,” Souhei explains.
Miku wonders if Ozawa was okay and is relieved to hear she is.

She thinks to herself that she sees Souhei in a different way from before.

It seems she talks to Souhei differently now as well. She seems more energetic now, instead of silent and mopey.
She tells him that his portion of the cake is in the fridge if he wants it. Kou wanted him to have a piece.

Miku thinks to herself that Souhei’s smile has lost some of it’s attractiveness since she’s gotten over him. (Is she really…? lol).
She thinks that being friends is just right.

After classes, Miku quickly tells the guys to meet her at karaoke later. She runs out the door to meet her friends, who have a dress and make-up ready for her.

Hanging out together in the field, Hayato tells Souhei that he’s dating Miku now.

Souhei sits up, interested, but happy for his friend.

“I finally understand what you said,” Hayato says. “To like someone… is nice.”
“It is,” Souhei agrees.

Miku, in a dress, runs by her guy friends. They think she’s cute, but don’t realize it’s her.
When they meet up with Miku’s girl friends, they find out it was Miku.

They’re really excited to hear she has a first date today, but their spirits dampen when they hear it’s with Hayato, (these are the guys who say Ozawa hugging Hayato the other day).

Miku meets Hayato.
He acts really cute and shy… trying to suppress a smile.

Souhei is walking with Ozawa and tells her that Hayato and Miku are dating now.
She’s happy. He tells her he’s happy too.

Walking together, Miku suggests that she and Hayato use first names now.
They stop to practice. After a very long pause, Miku acknowledges, with a smile, that it’s embarrassing. Hayato agrees.
So they decide to make it the goal for the day.

Sitting together, Ozawa tells Souhei that she was worried that Miku liked someone else since she didn’t seem affected when Hayato confessed before.

Souhei remembers the night when Miku said she wanted to see his face and when she looked up at him as he carried her when she was fevered.
But when he turns to Ozawa, he tells her she’s just over-thinking things, (he’s probably telling himself that as well….).

Back to Miku and Hayato, they brush hands while walking. Hayato apologizes.
Hanging back, Miku looks at her hand, then runs back beside Hayato.

She remembers the time she let go of Hayato’s hand and hurt his feelings, also remembering the mysterious guy that helped her to the nurse office.

Is it okay if I be here…? she thinks.

After a bit, she stops, calls his first name, and holds her hand out to him.

She gets embarrassed when he doesn’t take it right away, but after a pause, he takes her hand.

Miku smiles at him. Hayato calls her by her first name and she grins really big and begs him to say it again.
The place for me is right here, she thinks.

Souhei and Ozawa are holding hands, finishing up their date.
Ozawa sees Miku and Hayato and points them out to Souhei.

Souhei’s expression changes. He notices Miku holding Hayato’s hand.

Ozawa calls to Miku.
Miku and Hayato drop each other’s hands.

After a pause, Miku waves back.

The two couples stop at a cafe.

Ozawa tells Miku that she looks really cute and that girls get pretty when they’re in love. Miku smiles shyly as Hayato agrees.

Souhei is somewhat in a daze, but answers as needed when Ozawa refers to him.

Excitedly, Ozawa suggests another double date sometime.
Souhei smiles and agrees.

He stares at Miku as she plans for Tokyo Tower with Hayato.

Hayato takes Ozawa home since Miku and Souhei live in the same house.

As they go, Miku watches. Souhei stops and Miku says, “It’s lonely to say bye-bye, isn’t it?” Souhei just stares at her.

She catches him looking. He tells her that she’s better when she’s dressed like usual.
Smiling, she tells him she just wanted to dress up since it was her first date ever.

Souhei again tells her to stay the way she usually is. She looks a bit surprised, so to cover, he tells her it’s because Hayato fell in love with her usual self, so there’s no need to dress differently.

At the bus stop, Ozawa apologizes for hugging Hayato the other day.
He tells her he’s glad she made up with Souhei. She tells him she’s glad for him too.

At soccer practice, the manager notices Souhei acting spacey.
The guys come in and say they passed the re-test. Souhei asks about Miku, and they say she passed too.

When they leave, he acts kind of depressed again.

Miku and Hayato are going on another date. This time, she’s dresses as usual.
When he points it out, she asks if it’s okay.

He tells her that he likes it when she dresses up, but he feels more comfortable when she doesn’t.

She smiles and says that’s what Souhei guessed. Hayato wonders about it a bit.

Souhei is practicing soccer alone; still looking depressed.

Hayato takes Miku home.
She tells him he doesn’t have to, but he says he wants to.

He looks at her and says, “You’re the only one for me.” (Awww!)

He says that before he liked her, he just went out randomly with any girl that asked, but that he’s stopped it now.
The only girl’s phone number in his phone is hers.

Miku looks shy and happy.

Looking around, Hayato leads her off to the side of her door.

Miku smiles.

Souhei comes home just in time to see them kiss.

Could it be that I… towards Miku… Souhei thinks.

Opinion After Watching:

Wow, people… how does it take someone that long to realize they like someone.

And looking at the previews, I feel the only person that’s going to be hurt in the end is Hayato, that poor guy.
He is the only one with pure, unselfish love, and he’s probably the only one who will suffer. It’s so sad.

Because we all know that Miku is going to end up with Souhei now. Especially if you pay attention to the opening credits.
Souhei and Miku run together with everyone in the back… it was pretty much sealed with that, haha.

This is the only episode I’ve really liked Miku. Hopefully that will last!


6 thoughts on “Sprout: Recap Seven

  1. i’ll just pretend the drama ends here hahaha.

    thanks for the recap again! can’t wait for the next one. they’re kinda slow subbing this. (maybe not too many are watching? lol!)

    i like that Miku has genuine feelings for Hayato now. she seems to be growing, but first crushes are hard to get over so she’ll definitely get confused when Souhei pulls the moves on her.

    loove the feel of this drama!!! so emo and sooo coming-of-age. what i don’t like is the soccer manager/whatever. dont want to spend a minute of the storyline on her.

    • I agree that they’re suddenly being slow… it’s the worst when they get behind and suddenly release two episodes at once and I have to catch up >..<

  2. I really hope the drama will have different ending than the manga…
    I’m sailing a sinking boat “HayatoxMiku” because it’s obvious that Miku will be with Souhei. I think this episode is my favourite cause the angst for hayato will begin in the next episodes.

    • Haha same here!
      I wish the ending would be different than the manga too, but those little things like Souhei and Miku together in the opening make it looks pretty hopeless….
      This one was my favorite too because of that and because Miku was nicer.

      Yeah, there’s about 5 more episodes left so that’s plenty of time for them to have her break Hayato’s heart and move on to Souhei, unfortunately >.<

  3. I swear to god if Miku turns her back on Hayato I will throw potatoes in her face. This is the first time I’ve actually liked her as a character, instead of being sorry for herself, she’s totally embraced new love.
    But……..of course, I can just tell she’s going to be with Souhei :(

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