Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 7

Sora and Tae-pong deal with a difficult troupe on the beach. Later, they get stuck on an island together….

Last Episode:

They win the competition, they party, Tae-pong’s mom leaves again and so he gets a fever.

Joo-hee makes Tae-pong late for an appointment with Sora, she gets mad, he makes her birthday soup, she forgives him.

Sora is late for a birthday get-together with Tae-pong because of a drowning man and Tae-pong hypocritically gets mad at her when he sees Tae-hyun bringing her home.

He finds out what happened with the drowning guy, feels bad, and takes her to the beach in the dark to play around.
She forgives him too.

Episode Summary:

Sora is telling Tae-pong to give her a birthday wish; never make her wait again.
He tells her he hates making promises because, basically, he doesn’t like commitment.
She tells him she’ll keep the promise on her end as well.

They do most of the promise, but she had an endless amount of “seal” actions that he eventually refuses to follow.
She chases him around.

The next day, Sora’s grandpa comes back from trying to get money back from a friend to save the hotel.
Sora doesn’t know why he went and greets him happily.

He’s happy to hear that Tae-pong made her the soup like he asked and then he goes in the house.

On the beach, the lifeguards are catching jellyfish. The weather is bad and is pushing the jellyfish to shore so they need to be caught so that swimmers don’t get stung by them later.

Tae-pong’s friend, Young Jin thinks they’re cute and Tae-pong tells him it looks like Young Jin, haha.

Tae-pong complains that Sora isn’t at work, even though he was the one who told her not to come.
He calls her on the phone about it, (wow haha. It must just be an excuse to talk to her…).

He asks what she’s doing, and even though she’s actually cleaning, she pretends she’s just laying around and relaxing.

Suddenly, he has an idea and yells into the phone, saying a jellyfish stung him.

Young Jin shakes his head at his friend, but Tae-pong says Sora won’t believe it anyway and laughs.

However, she does believe it and rushes to the beach.

Tae-pong seems a little caught off guard by her care.

But when she tries to get him to go to the hospital, he has to confess that he didn’t get stung.
She gets angry and smacks him before stomping off.
Tae-pong grins and asks her to stay and work since she’s already there.

Young Jin is sure that Sora likes Tae-pong.

Sora goes to her room, complaining to herself about what happened.
She then notices Tae-hyun’s jacket. She remembers how he let her borrow it the other night when he was waiting at the hospital for the drowned man with her.

Sora takes the jacket to Tae-hyun’s hotel to give it back and promptly runs into Joo-ree at the elevators.

Joo-ree has an unreadable expression when she hears that Sora was with Tae-hyun at the hospital because she saved the victim and not because Tae-hyun was cheating.

But she’s not naive and tells Sora that she’ll take the jacket back up to Tae-hyun. There’s no reason for Sora to do it personally.
Sora seems flustered, but unable to do anything but agree.

After taking the jacket from Sora, Joo-ree enters her own room and angrily throws the jacket at the couch.
She then picks up her phone and makes a call, telling another person to give Sora’s grandpa the money he needs for the debts.

Meanwhile, Captain Hyuk has returned.
Tae-hyun is telling him not to take time off without giving a good reason in the future. He tells Hyuk that he needs him around to recruit and train more lifeguards.

However, Hyuk delivers a big shock to Tae-hyun by saying that it looks like he has to stay in Miami instead.

When Tae-hyun asks for the reason, Hyuk only says it’s unrelated to the working conditions here and that he’ll mail him the details once he’s back in Miami.

At the beach, Hyuk passes on the torch to his coach assistant, the guy that likes Sora’s friend Min-jung.

That day there’s going to be some movie filming on the beach.
Once the actor comes to the beach, some of the lifeguards get excited.

Later, Tae-pong watches Sora working and smiles.
She sees him and asks about the actor.
Tae-pong tells her the guy isn’t that great.

As Sora goes on about how she wants the guy’s autograph, Tae-pong acts like he stepped on a jellyfish again.

Sora believes him right away and rushes to him… however, he was just pretending like before, (he’s going to be sorry… lol).
“Because my legs are so pretty, he must have swam away after just a taste,” Tae-pong says. Sora gets angry and hits him again. He just laughs.

He asks if she really likes him or something. Sora looks at him and tells him it’s because it’s so serious. Tae-pong is surprised to hear that people can even die from jellyfish stings.

Walking out of the water, he acts like he stepped on one yet again… but this time she won’t believe him.

At her motel, the grandpa is reading the final notice for the debt problem.
He wasn’t able to get the money back from his friend in Seoul….

The shop woman comes up and tells him of a place that will lend him money with no deadline for payback.
She says they only want interest for it.

Grandpa seems really interested and happy about this. She tells him that they’re sending the documents soon and she leaves.

Two men in suits come up. One asks if this is where Sora lives. The other guy is the drowning victim from before.
He gratefully shakes Grandpa’s hand and asks in Japanese, “Are you Sora’s grandfather?”

On the beach, Sora is burying Tae-pong’s feet in the sand.
He wants to go to the hospital, but she tells him it isn’t that serious… and even if it is, they have to do this emergency care first.

She tells him not to move when he protests. She says he could even die if he gets out and she runs away to get the first aid kit.
He tells her to be quick and she tells him she knows, secretly smiling.

Of course, she doesn’t come back.
Tae-pong stays like that until the assistant coach comes over and sees him there.

Even when Tae-pong tells him what happened and worries that he’ll die, the coach tells him to get out of the sand with a smile.
He tells Tae-pong that if it was really serious, he would’ve passed out by now.

Tae-pong gets out, but he can’t be mad at Sora because the sting is better now.

Assistant coach tells him to go somewhere with him.

Inside, the movie star is talking about his schedule.

On the side, another agent is talking with Tae-pong and the team leader about people on the beach. Team Leader tells the man that they’ll do their best to control the crowds, but the man shoves an envelope of money at them and tells them it’ll be a problem with anybody around.

Assistant coach rejects the money, but Tae-pong takes it and counts it. “This is all the celebrity’s life is worth?” Tae-pong scoffs. He throws the money back.

The star overhears and announces that Tae-pong should be in charge of his safety the next day. Tae-pong is shocked.

Once outside, Tae-pong begs to be let off of the job. He’s sure the star is doing it to bully him for what he said about the money. Assistant coach refuses, then tells Tae-pong to go back without him. He has to do something first.

Tae-pong gets a call from Joo-ree. She wants to have dinner with him that night to discuss details about the plans he had written for the sports center earlier.

Meanwhile, the assistant coach is in the hotel looking for someone.
He sees Min-jung at work behind the counter and hides. He takes out his phone and calls her.

However, she’s busy and seems annoyed at the call.

She even more annoyed when the assistant coach loses his nerve and hangs up on her when she answers.

At her motel, Grandpa is telling Sora about the Japanese man that came to see her.

He left a giant fruit basket. Grandpa tells her that the guy wanted to meet her, so she should go see him.

She worries about going, though, since she can’t speak Japanese.

Grandpa tells her he’ll teach her some, since one of their guests taught him some one time.

Sora asks him how to introduce herself in Japanese. He gives her the correct answer, but she can’t really get the hang of it.
To help her out, he gives her some phrases in Korean that sound similar to the Japanese phrases… for instance, “Give me more of that sour thing” for “I trust you will do me a favor.”

Sora goes to meet the man. Tae-hyun is with him.
As she introduces herself in Japanese, Tae-hyun grins.

The man talks about how Sora is his savior.
Sora has Tae-hyun translate, but tries to answer in Japanese herself.

The man thinks she’s cute. Tae-hyun speaks to him in Japanese, saying a whole bunch of compliments about Sora, “She’s beautiful, pure… she’s a person bearing a jewel in her heart.”

Of course, Sora can’t understand him. He tells her he was just telling the man how she was a a good lifeguard.

The man leaves to answer the phone and Sora asks Tae-hyun if he got his jacket.
Tae-hyun acts a bit confused and says he never got it.

Sora tells him she gave it to Joo-ree, so he should’ve gotten it back. Tae-hyun doesn’t seem very happy.

At that moment, Joo-ree herself walks into the restaurant where they’re having the meeting. Tae-pong is with her to discuss the plans.

However, Tae-pong seems a bit uncomfortable and stops her. He seems to worry that people will see them together and think it’s a date instead of a business meeting. She doesn’t care.

Joo-ree then notices Tae-hyun and Sora talking together. The Japanese guy isn’t back yet so it looks like they’re on a date.

Clearly angry, but hiding it, Joo-ree turns to Tae-pong and points out his brother to him. She suggests going over and asking him to buy them dinner.
Tae-pong really looks like he doesn’t want this kind of confrontation.

Sora is telling Tae-hyun the phrases her grandpa taught her and he’s laughing a lot.

But they’re interrupted by Joo-ree.
Tae-hyun tells Joo-ree that the Japanese guy is going to be back soon and she tells him that she and Tae-pong will join the group since she wants to talk to that guy as well.

So, the guy comes back and they’re all there together.
Tae-pong and Sora are making faces at each other across the table while Joo-ree is telling the Japanese man about her and Tae-pong’s business plans.

The man seems interested. Tae-hyun looks like he’s really listening in.

Suddenly, the guy asks Tae-pong if he can speak Japanese.
Sora laughs and tells him to ask Tae-hyun to translate if he needs help.

Tae-pong surprises everybody by speaking some phrases really well. He says he’s not fluent, but he was an athletic swimmer in Japan, so he knows enough. He looks pretty cute as he has a little conversation with the man.

The man compliments Tae-pong, and Tae-hyun responds by telling the man that all his planning department employees are like this.

Tae-pong leans back and says he’s not a part of the planning team, though.
Tae-hyun tells the man that Tae-pong is just helping Joo-ree out and that his usual job is really different.
Tae-pong doesn’t look happy with Tae-hyun.

After dinner, Joo-ree offers to walk the man to his ride.
Tae-hyun offers to take Sora back, but she refuses because she brought her scooter.

She leaves and Tae-pong talks to his brother, irritated that he always has to “state his status.”

Tae-hyun tells Tae-pong that even though the Japanese man didn’t say anything, Tae-pong should watch what he says or it might ruin the hotel’s image, (wtf… Tae-pong said nothing bad at all… he was friendly and the man seemed happy to talk to him….).

Tae-pong looks at his brother and says, “Now I understand that you’re not scared of my project doing badly, but you’re afraid that it’ll do really well.”
Tae-hyun doesn’t even answer. He just looks… perturbed.

At home, Sora is doing some tax work or something and keeps getting distracted, thinking about how Tae-pong is doing a big project like that. She comes to the conclusion that he’s just doing it as an excuses to date Joo-ree.

Her grandpa comes in and asks if they can have a snack.

He tries calling Tae-pong over but he doesn’t answer his phone.
Though Sora looked kind of interested in Tae-pong coming over, when this happens, she tells her grandpa not to invite him over anymore.

That night, Sora tosses and turns in bed, thinking about Tae-pong liking Joo-ree.
She tries calling him, but he doesn’t answer again.

The next day, they start the photo shoot for the movie star… taking somewhat awkward photos… haha.

Tae-pong and Sora watch from the side.

Sora admires the star before mentioning to Tae-pong about how he was with Joo-ree all night. He tells her they were just working and that she was gone when he woke up in the morning, (does that really mean much? lol). He teases Sora for thinking dirty thoughts.

Soon it’s announced that they’re taking the photo-shoot into the water.
Tae-pong goes over to hand out life jackets, however, the star won’t wear one since he needs to pose.

Tae-pong is adamant. He won’t let the star refuse and in a calm, assertive way, keeps telling him to wear it. The guy in charge doesn’t want the star to wear it either. A bodyguard comes over and starts pushing Tae-pong around a bit. There’s almost a fight, but the star decides to take the jacket.

They do the photo shoot with the star on a jet ski, but when he’s done, the photographer tells him it was no good since he was wearing the life jacket.
The star tells him to talk to the lifeguards about it.

They go over to Tae-pong and he tells them there is no way.
He says he can get on the boat for the shoot, but the boat can’t be moving because those are the rules.

The bodyguard from before gets all mad and shoves Tae-pong to the ground, (wow, nice bodyguard… isn’t he supposed to be worried about safety? Yet he doesn’t want the guy to wear a life jacket…?)

Tae-pong gets angry and shoves him back, however, the bodyguard falls into the photographers, causing them to drop a camera into the water.

There’s a giant fight, and even Sora gets in on it….

The guy in charge rants to Hyuk.
Hyuk tells them that they’ll pay for the camera, but the waves are too dangerous today to not listen to Tae-pong about the life jacket.

The bodyguard comes up and starts yelling about how Tae-pong hit him like a gangster. Sora speaks up and merely says that the bodyguard hit him first. The bodyguard tells her to be quiet. She doesn’t say anything more, but he tries to hit her. However, Tae-pong blocks his punch.

Hyuk doesn’t look pleased with the idol’s troupe.
However, the guy in charge thinks this is evidence against Tae-pong and says he’ll sue them.
Hyuk calmly tells them to sue if he wants. “If that’s what it takes to save you guys, then sue us.” Haha.

However, Hyuk wants them to apologize to the lifeguards.
The idol’s team just gets angry and leaves.

This scene was too adorable! :D

When the other lifeguards go back to work, Tae-pong stays back and apologizes. Hyuk tells him he did good today. He says enforcing the rules is the most important. He tells Tae-pong that he’s becoming a real lifeguard. Tae-pong looks really happy.

Meanwhile, YoungJin is hanging out in a bathroom stall, talking on the phone.
The assistant coach comes in and hears him. He listens in.

Young Jin is arranging something with Min-jung. The two of them are planning to get Tae-pong and Sora to make up through a double date.

The assistant coach hears Young Jin hanging up and he runs away in a panic. He pretends to be using the urinal.
Young Jin sees and worries about being caught. He sneaks away.

At home, Min-jung talks Sora into coming to the night fishing date with her and Young Jin. She tells her that Tae-pong won’t be there, (why is she even angry with him, besides how he was doing business with Joo-ree…? lol Sora isn’t even dating him so it shouldn’t matter….).

At the dorm, the lifeguards are playing some kind of chat game where they “talk” to the CEO of their hotel, haha.

Tae-pong walks in and Young Jin runs up to him.

Tae-pong tells him he’s not going, but Young Jin convinces him to go by saying Sora won’t be there… the coach assistant will be there instead, so there’s no room for Sora.
Tae-pong believes him… and is lured by the thought of fresh sashimi.

Once at the beach, Tae-pong wonders if it’s okay to go night fishing when the waves are so crazy. Young Jin says it’ll be fine.
At that moment, Min-jung appears with Sora. Tae-pong and Sora are annoyed and want to leave, but their friends stop them. (Young Jin even picks Tae-pong up and carries him to the boat, hahaha).

Apparently Young Jin wasn’t lying about the coach assistant coming with, though.
The five of them climb the rocks at the island they landed at, as the coach assistant guides them and gives advice.

Young Jin and Min-jung go off to find firewood, (to the coach assistant’s annoyance), the coach assistant goes off to make seafood stew or something, and Sora is left alone with Tae-pong.

Tae-pong want to go get the tent from the boat since the mosquitoes are bothering them, but Sora is afraid to be left alone for some reason.
He makes fun of her for acting like that, but stays.

Meanwhile, Young Jin and Min-jung are trying to sneak away to go fishing alone for a half hour.
The coach assistant sees them, though, and calls out to them. He doesn’t want to leave Min-jung alone with Young Jin, but the two of them want to date and make a face when they see him coming.

However, they can’t say anything to make him leave and the three of them end up leaving together.

After awhile, Sora is worrying about their friends. Tae-pong doesn’t see any reason to worry and is just relaxing.

They complain about boredom and Sora looks through her bag. When she takes out a big knife, Tae-pong is startled and wonders why a woman carries something like that around, (though it’s all wrapped up haha).

When she laughs at him, he scares her into thinking there’s a ghost next to her. She jumps and hugs him. He laughs at her and she hits him.

More time passes and Tae-pong gets concerned about the wind picking up.
He feels it would be best for them to leave before it gets worse and they go to find their friends.

Meanwhile at her apartment, Joo-ree is going through Tae-hyun’s jacket.
She finds a note to him from Sora, along with a bunch of photos from the time she got her camera.
I don’t blame her when she gets upset about it.

Back at the island, Sora and Tae-pong finds that their boat is gone and they can’t find their friends… they can’t even call them because there’s no cellphone signal there.

At the office, Tae-hyun looks out the window, thinking about Sora.

Joo-ree walks in and gives him the jacket. She asks if he’s really getting close to Sora just because of her motel.
He says yes, but he’s just testing to see if it’s really the best method of getting it. Joo-ree seems annoyed, but before she can say anything more, the phone rings.

They’re calling him because lifeguards are missing, (Sora and the rest, though he doesn’t know that yet), and a bunch of them are freaking out because the waves are supposed to get really high.

Joo-ree and Tae-hyun themselves run all the way to the beach, (he does a lot for a CEO lol…).
They see a boat coming and they all go out to help bring it back in.

The coach assistant tells them that there are still other lifeguards out there. One of the other lifeguards freaks out and tries to jump into the boat when they find out it’s Sora and Tae-pong, (haha), but the coach assistant tells them that he’ll go get them since he was in charge.

Tae-hyun stops him and says he’ll go.

At the island, Tae-pong notices that Sora is cold and gives her a blanket. He asks if she’s scared and she says no, but he feels she really is. So to make her feel better, he tells her about how he won a gold medal in a big competition for swimming, so she doesn’t have to worry with him around. She smiles.

Sora worries about her friends, but he tells her that the coach assistant is with them so they’ll be fine.

Sora notices that Tae-pong is cold and makes him come share the blanket with her.
He acts concerned about rain, but she tells him it won’t. Since she’s lived there her whole life, she can tell.

She teaches him how to tell if there will be rain or not, by being able to see a certain Dolphin Constellation.

He doesn’t believe that the constellation is a real one, so she tells him the story of it, which happens to be a love story.

Poseidon fell in love with a sea goddess and proposed. However, Poseidon was rude and arrogant, so she refused and ran away.
Poseidon asked all the marine animals to find her, (here Tae-pong says that if his woman was lost, he’d find her himself, haha), when the dolphin found her.
So, using lies, Poseidon met and married her.
To repay the dolphin, Poseidon placed him among the stars.

Since then, a certain Dolphin Star in the constellation has become a match-making star to make true-love come true.

Tae-pong seemed very interested and happy listening to the story, but when Sora finishes, he tells her that untrue tales are the best to make a woman interested. Sora frowns.

“Why is that all you think of when you hear a beautiful tale like that?” she says.
He wonders why there’s only one star in the constellation, but she says you can only see it when you experience true love.

He asks if she can see it.
Caught off guard she looks up and stutters that she can see it, (since she thinks Tae-hyun is her true love, she should, right…? Haha.).

At that moment, they see the rescue boat coming.

As they stand up, Sora trips and falls on Tae-pong in the classic romance-story way.
They lay there staring at each other when…

Tae-hyun shines his flashlight right at them and sees them like that.

Opinion After Watching:

Omg… so many nice moments between Sora and Tae-pong.
I’m really hoping they officially get together soon! >3<

I mean, you can see Tae-pong giving her gentle looks every now and then, and it is the middle of the drama now, so it should happen any time now~! Can’t wait! :D


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