Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap Two

It was fun watching and older drama. There’s just a whole different feeling while watching them.
Plus, it takes place at the beach… I love beach themes!

Last Episode:

So-ra was on her way to Australia to go to a marine school when she lost her passport because of Tae-pong, (who seems like a spoiled, bratty, jerk)… though he doesn’t know any of her circumstances or that she even had a passport.

Tae-pong was happy that he would finally get an important position in his father’s company, but then his older, more mature, and successful brother Tae-hyun, told him he had to either be a lifeguard or be nothing. He took the job.

So-ra met Tae-hyun on her way home and now has a crush on him.
Tae-pong has a crush on his childhood friend Joo-hee, but she appears to like his older brother, Tae-hyun, instead.

We left off when Tae-pong was starting his new lifeguard job under the no-nonsense captain, Kim Hyuk.

Episode Summary:

So, Tae-pong jumps in and starts swimming, with his friend right behind him. The other lifeguards are watching and seem to be enjoying it. Tae-pong and his friend then pull tires along the beach.

Captain Kim Hyuk seems satisfied with their efforts and tells them to start working that day. He calls a lifeguard named Jae Hyun over to tell them details about the job.
Tae-pong’s friend whines about the work and says he wants to go back to Seoul. Jae Hyun snickers and tells him to shut up.

Back at the office, Joo-hee is questioning Tae-hyun’s decision to make his brother a lifeguard. He tells her that Tae-pong won’t be telling anybody he’s the son of the president, so nobody will feel awkward because of it. When she continues to worry, he tells her to just focus on her own work.


Meanwhile, So-ra is looking around the outside of the hotel for Tae-pong so she can get her bag back. Backing into the street, Tae-hyun almost runs her over with his car. She becomes happy when she recognizes him. Still not knowing that he’s the owner of the hotel, she questions him about the service. Of course, he tells her it’s good.

Tae-hyun tries to leave but she stops him. Then she finally mentions her motel saying, “I thought I made a mistake pushing you too hard to stay at our motel.” He looks interested.

She hands him a business card and tells him to come there next time he’s in town.
They say goodbye and he drives away.

So-ra walks into a store. The shopkeeper woman tells her about a job. Apparently So-ra had wanted a second job, probably to save up for another plane ticket. Therefore, So-ra seems interested… but the woman looks at her and wonders if So-ra will be able to handle it.

In the next scene, we see the lifeguards walking away from the beach in the dark, complaining they’re hungry. They wonder when the new worker will be getting there. Hmmm, bet that’s the job the woman was telling So-ra about~!

Kim Hyuk tells them they hired the new worker. The lifeguards go crazy over the food… except for Tae-pong and his friend, who is again trying to convince him to leave for Seoul. Tae-pong ignores him and they sit down to eat.

The new worker is introduced and, yep, it’s So-ra! Tae-pong recognizes her right away and makes an adorable surprised/worried expression.

So-ra isn’t a lifeguard though. She’s in charge of food! She goes around giving more food to the lifeguards. She’s asked her age and she says it’s a secret, (the girl who asked looks annoyed… we know it was for seniority reasons haha), she’s asked if she’s single and she says “of course!” XD

Tae-pong tries to avoid her, but of course, she sees him.

After supper, So-ra runs up to him and, thanks to her friend’s encouragements on the phone earlier, demands that he give her bag back. Of course he doesn’t know where it is. She tells him how it was left on his car when he drove off. Tae-pong tells her that the bag was her responsibility, not his. She tells him it’s his fault anyway since he taunted her to make her so angry at that time.
Tae-pong pushes her aside and leaves after saying he doesn’t care.

She gives up, angry.

Tae-pong then gets a phone call from Joo-hee, (his crush).
They meet at a nice looking outdoor bar. Joo-hee tells him that she heard he’s working as a lifeguard now. Encouraging him, she tells him he’s a good swimmer and that if he starts out with something he loves, he’s bound to get a better job. Tae-pong changes the subject to her and asks why she stopped studying to come back to Korea. She said though she was almost finished with school, something more important came up.

Apparently, her father wanted her to come help him with the resort project Tae-hyun is working on.

Joo-hee then goes on to tell him that she has another good thing to tell him, but that she hasn’t told anybody else yet. He asks what it is and she tells him that she really likes someone. Tae-pong is surprised and isn’t sure what to say, but he manages to stutter, “What?”.

She laughs and tells him not to worry… because no matter how many guys she likes, he will always be her only friend, (LOL friend-zoned!).

The next scene has So-ra going go Seoul to pick up her friend Min-jung, who’s been transferred back to their hometown for the summer. Min-jung is not happy about it. While she’s ranting about her situation, So-ra notices an advertisement for a dancing contest on the wall. First place is a trip to Australia and a ticket to Sea World!

Tae-hyun and Joo-hee tour the resort area and take notes on things to improve on or change, (I loved this scene BTW… I thought it was interesting).

At the beach, Tae-pong is being told to go get water from the kitchen. He tries to send his friend instead, but is clearly told that he’s the one who has to do it. After being scolded, he agrees to go, though he complains as he leaves.

So-ra is in the kitchen cooking. Her mind wanders to the dance contest and she practices some awkward dance moves.
At that moment, Tae-pong walks in the door and sees her. He laughs while getting the water, but she doesn’t notice him.

When she does, she gets embarrassed like most of us would and asks what he’s doing. He replies with a smile, “What a show!” Then proceeds to ridicule her as expected.
So she asks him if he can dance. He says he doesn’t know, but he’s sure he can do anything.

Yet, he still refuses to dance to show her that he can. She knows he’s easily manipulated, so she starts taunting him, saying, “Fine, if you can’t dance…” and “What dance? You even have short legs.”.
Like she expected, it makes him irritated and he wants to prove her wrong, so he turns the music on.

Unfortunately for her, he can dance… and now he has a big victory grin on his face.

Instead of being upset about it, So-ra chases after him and asks him to be her partner for the dance contest. She tells him that she’ll forget about the bag incident if he does. He refuses.
However, she tells him that if he doesn’t help her, she’ll write an anonymous letter to the hotel about how one of their employees stole her bag.

When she tells her friend about it, she doesn’t believe she’ll be successful with the contest. Not because of Tae-pong, but because So-ra is famous for being tone-deaf and clumsy. So-ra tells her she won’t give up. Her friend smiles and agrees that nobody can stop her.

At the park at night, So-ra meets up with Tae-hyun with the stereo. He tells her to dance so he can see what he has to teach her. She starts dancing embarrassingly again, (While she’s dancing she hits a tree branch. She looks surprised and it’s cute).
Eventually he stops her and tells her to just give up. She refuses.

He tells her she has to learn the basics first, though, since he just started dancing that day, I’m not sure how he can teach her haha.

Tae-pong attempts to teach her body waves. When she fails, she blames the music, and switches to another song. It’s a slower song and he uses the opportunity to practice couple dancing with her, since that’s why she asked him to do the contest with her in the first place.

When she fails that as well he asks her, “Since you’ve grown up by the beach, didn’t you ever see the way squids and octopuses move?” She replies, “Who would say that’s a dance?”

Not knowing how to teach her, he gets her to let him put his arm around her waist. Maybe if they’re closer, she’ll be easier to lead. But no, she just steps on his feet harder. He yells and she acts like she didn’t know what happened. When he says, “You stepped on my foot!” she shakes her head and says, “It wasn’t me!” Haha.

The beach is finally open. Captain Hyuk is giving the lifeguards a pep talk before they start working.

While all the other lifeguards are, well, guarding people, Tae-pong and his friend are stuck fixing the jet ski. (You’d think and expensive hotel like that would just take it to a mechanic lol).

His ever-complaining friend asks him if they’re going to quit this job after the summer and Tae-pong assures him that if they stick with it, he’ll be promoted by then.

His friend mentions So-ra and compliments her cooking. He wants to go get food from her.
Soon the jet ski is running and his friend compliments Tae-pong as well for being able to fix it.

His friend is so cute :D

In the office, Tae-hyun discovers that So-ra is working at his company as the cook for the lifeguards.

At her motel, So-ra has just booked the last room they had open, when she gets a phone call from Tae-hyun.

She calls over her friend Min-jung to help her pick out an outfit and Min-jung ridicules her for trying so hard for a guy she hardly knows. Even so, she helps So-ra anyway and even gives her some dating tips: It’s okay to act a bit snobby on the first date; lower your gaze; don’t talk too much.

While she’s eating with Tae-hyun, she finds out that he works at the hotel, though he doesn’t tell her he’s the president’s son. She embarrassed for bad-mouthing the hotel earlier, but he tells her it’s okay. She asks him what his job is and he tells her that he visits other famous hotels and comes up with ideas for improvement, (excuse me while I hide my jealousy over his job description haha).

Tae-hyun tells her that when he sees his own country he feels sad because he thinks it could be beautiful like the other places he’s seen if it would be more developed. So-ra agrees that it’s the most beautiful place, though she’s never seen any others, but goes on to tell him it’s beautiful because it’s not all polished like the ones he’s talking about. She says people lose sympathy for the other places because they can’t see the history behind them, unlike this beach.

Soon the topic changes to how she wanted to go to Australia to become a dolphin trainer. So-ra tells him she would’ve been able to if she hadn’t met a certain person. Tae-hyun looks interested and says, “Someone ruined your dream?” Though she never mentions Tae-pong’s name, she tells Tae-hyun about how awful he is. Tae-hyun looks amused and even laughs.

At the lifeguard’s dinner table, Tae-pong starts complaining because there’s only kimbap since So-ra was busy. He’s the only one making a fuss about it. Instead, his co-workers tell him he shouldn’t eat then and they try to take his food for themselves.

Nothing escalates, though, because at that moment Joo-hee comes in to talk to them as a co-worker, telling them that if they have any questions, they can come to her. She seems popular, as they all clap when she ‘s done talking to them.

Tae-pong’s friend says, “Wow. Pretty and intelligent. She’s not the one for you. She’s way out of your league.” Tae-pong gives him a dirty look that tells him to back off.

That night So-ra goes to the spot where she and Tae-pong practiced dancing the other night. He’s sitting on the bench and she reminds him that they weren’t going to practice tonight. He sees the way she’s dressed and tries to guess where she was… job interview maybe? She won’t say. Tae-pong hands her a drink and she sits down next to him.

He then asks her if it’s possible for a girl to suddenly fall in love with her friends. Trying to elaborate, he says, maybe since they’re childhood friends, she wouldn’t know that she’s really in love with him. Of course, he’s talking about Joo-hee and himself.
So-ra goes on about some guys she’s liked in the past and Tae-pong feels she’s not even listening.

But then So-ra describes exactly how he’s feeling to him and it catches his attention. She offers him advice, “Don’t hesitate, create a suitable mood, and confess.” He tells her “his friend” can’t confess because he’s too innocent. So-ra looks at him and says, “Women tend to believe in fate and wait for their partner, even forever. But it only takes 30 seconds to feel and realize that.” She goes on to tell him to make the girl feel like it’s fate as soon as possible.

He seems to be happy with that and he smiles.
As So-ra gets ups to leave, Tae-pong stops her. He tells her that since she’s dressed nicely and he’s now in a good mood, he wants to try dancing with her again.

But she’s just as bad as she was before, so they give. Tae-pong asks her why she wants to go to Australia so bad. So-ra tells him about dolphin training school, and for the first time, tells him that her passport and ticket were in the bag he helped her lose.

He looks surprised. So-ra talks about how she worked really hard for two years to earn the money for the trip. Tae-pong looks like he feels bad and tells her that it really is sad that she lost her bag. He mentions that training dolphins must be hard and asks if she’d be able to do it.

She gets up and shows him that she already taught herself the signals they use for communicating with dolphins. He watches intently and comments that she already knows enough. So-ra tells him that those are just the basics. Tae-pong tells her that it must be hard so it would be best to give up now.

I don’t think he’s really being mean, though. I get the impression that giving up is just his way of handling things… he just can’t imagine going through a lot of trouble for something someone might fail at in the long run.

Anyway, So-ra tries to leave again, but Tae-pong really doesn’t want her to go. He asks her to practice dancing with him one more time and she agrees.
This time they do it perfectly… maybe because they are getting along with each other now. But when she comments about how well she danced this time, he drops her on the ground and says it was just a test.

The next day at the lifeguard area, Captain Hyuk is going through safety lessons with the lifeguards. He tells them that it’s just as important to look after their own safety while helping a person. Tae-pong snickers and says that it doesn’t make any sense. The captain calls him out and Tae-pong says he thought it was all about risking your life to save someone. He doesn’t agree with the idea of saving yourself instead of the other person if the occasion arose.

Tae-pong says it’s all about skill… that if you have enough skill you will always be able to save both the victim and yourself if needed.
And then he acts really disrespectful to his superior, causing all the other lifeguards to squirm, and challenges Captain Hyuk to a battle of skill.

Captain Hyuk tells him to do some unlimited distance swimming. Tae-pong appears to have never heard of that. Hyuk tells him it’s a race to the bottomless beach. Whoever makes it there and back safely wins. Tae-pong accepts the race, but Hyuk tells him that if he loses, he has to quit being a lifeguard. Of course, Tae-pong doesn’t care about that condition. As they head out, Hyuk sighs like he’s thinking, “Ah, what a stupid arrogant kid….” lol

Outside, they line up and start running toward the water, sexily ripping their shirts off in slow motion while they do, might I add.

Tae-pong starts off in the lead, but is soon overtaken by Hyuk, who then gains a good amount of distance away from the kid. The other lifeguards watch in anticipation.
On the way back, Tae-pong appears to get a cramp in his leg and he goes under the water.

Instead of doing a back float or something, Tae-pong begins to flail about and Hyuk has to go back and save him.

At shore, all the lifeguards carry him away and begin using CPR on him. Once they get him breathing again, they carry him to the cabin. Tae-pong’s friend tries to follow, but is ordered to stay back and do his job.

In the office, Tae-hyun is talking to Joo-hee and her father. The dad is kind of joking around, saying that his daughter likes Tae-hyun more than she likes him. He goes on to ask if they have any marriage plans. Tae-hyun’s expression shows that he doesn’t, haha. Though she looked hopeful at first, Joo-hee “saves” him by telling her dad that he’s too busy to think of those things.
Her dad makes a disapproving sound and Joo-hee adds on that she’s also too busy for marriage at the moment causing her dad to give up on the topic.

Joo-hee’s dad

Meanwhile, Tae-pong is looking pitiful in bed at the lifeguard cabin. His friend walks in just as he wakes up. He uses the accident as a reason to tell Tae-pong to go back to Seoul again. After all, that was a condition if he lost the challenge.

On a balcony, Tae-hyun asks Joo-hee if she’s mad that they post-poned their engagement. She looks a bit irritated. He tells her that he thinks she’s the best partner for him, but he doesn’t want to fail at anything. He just wants to wait until the resort project is over, since it’s something he’s been planning for so long. She tells him she’ll wait, but that he has to remember that she’s not some woman who will just do anything he says.
Tae-hyun tells her he likes that about her.

Alone, Tae-pong remembers what happened that day. He remembers Captain Hyuk telling him that he has to quit if he loses and he remembers his brother saying that he knows everything about him; words that had made him so upset that he had taken the lifeguard job in the first place.

He goes to Hyuk and tells him he can’t leave because he didn’t lose. Tae-pong blames it on the cramp he got. When Hyuk objects, Tae-pong asks him why he wants him to leave so badly. Hyuk tells him it’s because he doesn’t have endurance and patience, and that’s apparently what lifeguards need.

Tae-pong responds by saying that while that’s true, he also has one skill that the others don’t, and that’s spirit. He says he has the spirit to save someone even if he dies, (oh man, I hope that’s not fore-shadowing anything…).

Hyuk tells him that if he really had spirit, he wouldn’t have lost the competition. Tae-pong tells him that he won’t leave and then claims that he was ahead of Hyuk by a little bit before he got that cramp. When he leaves, Hyuk smiles to himself.

Then it’s the day of the dance contest.

Tae-hyun makes it known that he’s going to the dance festival as well and asks the secretary if she’s heard from Joo-hee. She hasn’t.
While looking in his desk, he sees some photos of dolphins and remembers what So-ra had said at dinner the other day.

Joo-hee is out alone near the beach, thinking about what Tae-hyun had said about waiting for the engagement. She seems frustrated.

So-ra is practicing her dancing outside of her motel and seems to be waiting for Tae-pong.
Tae-hyun drives up and sees her. He smiles when he notices her dancing. He walks up to her and gives her the photos of the dolphins from his desk. She’s really happy about it.
Tae-hyun offers her a ride to the dance contest since he’s going there anyway.

Tae-pong, meanwhile, is late. His friend rushes him. Tae-pong has to sneak out since the lifeguards haven’t clocked out for the night yet, I guess.

So-ra is trying to call him from her motel, but can’t get ahold of him.
When she finally does, Tae-pong tells her he’s on his way, but while he’s running, he notices Joo-hee sitting at the bar alone.

The dance contest has started and it looks like there’s some hard competition. One couple dances professionally and another dances on skateboards. So-ra is trying to call Tae-pong again backstage. Her friend goes off to find him.
Tae-hyun is in the audience, enjoying the show.

At the bar, Tae-pong is trying to get Joo-hee to tell him what’s wrong. She asks him if he’s busy and he tells her he has a lot of time.
She tells him she has a lot of pride, but that someone really hurt it.
Tae-pong finds out that his brother is the one she’s in love with.

So-ra is still looking for him. When she looks out of the curtain into the audience, Tae-hyun notices her and can tell something is wrong.
The MC for the event is about to call So-ra’s number and she’s panicking back stage.

Tae-hyun appears backstage and tells her to do her best.
They head out onto the stage!

Opinion After Watching:

I like this cliff-hanger! Haha.

This was a pretty good episode. Tae-pong is being less of a jerk and becoming friends with So-ra, which I really like.

Joo-hee is having problems with Tae-hyun now… I’m wondering if she’s going to end up falling for Tae-pong and becoming a rival or if Tae-hyun is going to fall for So-ra. It feels like it could go either or both ways right now!


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