Product Review: Fyzzed Seoul Street T-Shirt

Product: This month’s article of clothing is the “Seoul Street” T-Shirt created by FYZZED.

Info: This shirt comes in only one design/color, but you can pick Men’s or Women’s and also what style of the actual shirt you want, like sweatshirt, v-neck, ect….
I bought the  “Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt” in Large.

Opinion: So far, so good. I’ve been wearing it regularly and the quality is still good. It came with instructions on how to wash it, but I got tired of that and just threw it in and washed it like normal, (warm water, drier on high… haha….). I think a few washes like that won’t hurt it, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s by accident. Some parts of the design look like they’re wearing off a bit because of it, so make sure you try to wash it properly.

When it first came in the mail, I noticed a strange line on the top of the design… like maybe during printing the design hadn’t adhered to the shirt in that little area. The shirt came with a “quality inspection” card, but I can understand why they’d let a little mistake like that pass. It wasn’t bad enough for me to be upset or anything, but it’s just an observation I made.

Price seemed okay to me for the quality and design.

I usually wear a Large in women’s. Since my chest is bigger, Large is usually a bit tighter on me, but not too tight. However, the Large from this shop is fairly baggy. If you like shirts that are a bit more form fitting, maybe try to go down a size. I’ll try it and report back later.

Also, though it said it was a “V-Neck”, it really wasn’t a deep V-Neck at all. It was more like a normal collared t-shirt with a slight point down at the neck….

Overall: I’m happy with it. At first, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t wear it often because of the small baggy-ness that’s usually not my style, but I’ve been wearing it a lot. I never get tired of looking at the Hangul when I see my reflection in the mirror. Some of the words are simple enough for anybody with a basic understanding of Korean to maybe pick out at least one word… and that’s pretty fun.

Where I bought mine: FYZZED, of course!


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