Mars Taiwanese Drama


My Score: 9.5/10


Lead Actors: Vic Zhou Barbie Hsu  Xiu Jie Kai Megan Lai 

Episodes: 21

Genre: Drama/Romance/Thriller/Psychological

Summary: Based on the Japanese manga “Mars” by Fuyumi Soryo.

Han Qi Luo is a shy artist girl… she especially does not like men. Chen Ling is a playboy who rides motorcycles for sport. One day, Chen Ling meets Han Qi Luo and becomes interested in her after seeing one of her sketches.

Eventually they start dating, however, they each have a dark secret past they must overcome.

Review: This drama is based on a Japanese manga of the same name. It’s almost exactly like that manga; it just has a few tiny changes here and there that aren’t too noticeable. The directing of this drama is really good. I really feel that the people who made this drama cared a lot about the original manga. It’s not often that I feel a drama version of a manga is equal to, if not better, than the original manga version… but this is one of those rarities. If you liked the manga, I’m pretty certain that you will like this drama. It’s unlikely that you’ll get bored.

I thought this was a fairly original plotline. It’s always nice to find a romance that doesn’t mostly rely on a love triangle of some sorts, and this one has a lot of depth to it as well. Mars deals with love and psychological issues, and it has quite a bit of suspenseful mystery at times.

Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu actually dated for a few years in real life, so they had great chemistry here. As for the characters, it was great to see such lovely character development, but after all, this drama is about conquering demons and changing for the better.

The only reason I can’t give this a 10 out of 10 is because there was a time around the middle when the drama had the stereotypical selfish, girly, love rival appear. It was such a cliche character to appear in an otherwise unique story that it dragged it down a little for me. However, the situation itself added to the story in a good way, so I’m still giving it a 9.5 out of 10.

All in all, this is a must-see drama. Those of you typically annoyed by the cheesiness of average romcom Taiwanese dramas won’t have to worry with this one. It’s top-notch and takes acting serious here; since it’s not a romcom but more of a suspense-romance.

My Score: 9.5/10


6 thoughts on “Mars Taiwanese Drama

  1. Not gunna lie, I’ve been on the fence about trying to watch this drama for a long time… Mainly because I’m a HUGE fan of the manga. Your review makes me tempted, but I have to ask, did you read the manga first? Because if it doesn’t follow the manga well, it’s likely to piss me off. XD

    • Okay, I just finished reading the whole manga. You will like the drama so watch it! XD The drama is just about exactly like the manga except for a few little changes here and there… nothing too noticeable though. (For example, the painting looks slightly different, there’s some fore-shadowing here and there, and I don’t remember seeing Violet in the drama, but that role was so small it’s okay).
      The directing of the drama is so good… I think you’ll love it :D

  2. I recently re-watched which I why I’m commenting on a drama that has been out for quite awhile. I loved it. The tone of it throughout was eerie and psychological, and the suspense built up magnificently. I thought both Da S and Zai Zai were outstanding in the lead roles.
    Although the chemistry between them was so strong, apparently they did not get together in real life until after the drama finished shooting. Zai Zai once said on Kang Xi Lai Le that Da S (Barbie) had a boyfriend while they were filming, Sadly, they broke up in real life in January 2008–ages ago now…

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