Product Review: Punk Rave Snap Pants to Shorts

So, on the last Friday of every month, I’ll do this little segment… a review on some clothes I bought online.

Why? Because I was looking for something like this myself when I was going to buy them, so I think it’ll be helpful.

Product: This month is another punk-style pair of pants. There were no brand tags on the pants. You’ll probably find them on Ebay if you search under “Kera”.

I really wanted these pants for a long time… when I got them, I found they were a bit strange.

Info: First off, I got a size XXL, like I did with the other pants of similar style/origin. I usually wear a size 8 (L) in American sized pants. However, these were a lot baggier than the other pants I bought from Punk Rave. I’d need a belt, but even with that, there will be a bit of a gap at the waist in the back, (however, I’m short-waisted and this happens a lot to me… other people might not have this problem).

…But I’m afraid to go down a size because the thighs are strangely tight where the detachable snaps are. I can fit into them and it’s not like it cuts off circulation (lol) but it’s very snug. I’m worried if I exchange for a smaller waist, then the pants won’t fit around my thighs. (For reference, the largest part of my thighs are about 21 inches around).

The quality of the fabric is nice. It’s not flimsy or anything. The zipper seems okay so far.

Things I didn’t like about these pants were: The whole quality really bad.
The snaps are low quality. When I first took the pants out of the package and put them on without even touching the snaps, two of them just fell off. The other snaps seem okay so far, but I don’t know if I should trust them forever.

punk rave snap shorts review

Broken chain after 1-2 wears.

The chain around the top broke and so did the metal fasteners that held the belt loops down. This is just from a few times of special occasion wearing.

I only wore them about 5 times in 6 months, I didn’t even wash them, and the fake leather around the top is already cracking and peeling, which makes it look bad.

Cracking, low quality, fake leather.

Cracking, low quality, fake leather.

Also, the pants legs won’t stay up if they aren’t connected to the shorts. Yeah, it looks nice in the photo, but it’s unrealistic. I had the belt strapped to the tightest on the biggest part of my leg and they still started slipping even when I just sat down. This could be fixed if you make your own connector straps or something like in similar styles. (FYI you can get some really cute heart-shaped suspender clips at

You’ll have to make something like this….

Another thing is the strap that comes with the pants. That thing is super confusing… you’re really going to have to use photo reference to get that on right!

Overall: I would not buy it again. At the time, I didn’t dislike them enough to exchange or sell them… and now it’s too late for me to do so.
I spent about $50 on them, and I think that was way overpriced for the quality. I wouldn’t spend more than $20 on these, and that almost feels generous. There’s no way you could wear these a lot without them completely falling apart.

Where I bought mine: I bought them on Ebay from ling_lam2005. They were helpful and responded quickly to any questions I had after the purchase. The pants came within a month (to the United States) and the package wasn’t damaged. However, I wasn’t able to exchange them like I was originally planning because the return cost was all on me and that just wasn’t possible at the time. Still, you most likely won’t have to worry about the package being lost in the mail when ordering from them.

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Product Review: Belted Punk Rave Pants

So, on the last Friday of every month, I’ll do this little segment… a review on some clothes I bought online.

Why? Because I was looking for something like this myself when I was going to buy them, so I think it’ll be helpful.

Product: This month’s article of clothing are these bondage-style Japanese pants from Punk Rave. You’ll most likely find them on ebay if you search “Kera”.

Info: Now, I’m a size 8 or 9 in average pants sold in the United States. I bought a size XXL of these pants to be safe. They were pretty baggy around my waist, but were fine with a belt, (they fall off without a belt). I think an XL would’ve been good for me.

The legs of the pants fit well… not too tight, but not really baggy.

When I got these pants, the buckles weren’t fit like the photo, but it was easy to undo the buckles and put them that way if I wanted to.

Things I didn’t like about these pants were: The belt. It had sharp edges that stabbed me often… and then it wasn’t that sturdy around the buckle so it broke somehow. But this is an easy fix with a different belt; not really a big problem at all.

The second thing was something I was anticipating anyway, which is on the pants’ legs, there is shredded material on top of the basic pants. When you wash these pants, this material will most likely rip in a few places… especially if you don’t take off ALL the buckles before you wash/dry them. It’s not a big deal though. It’s supposed to look shredded and a few rips around that area aren’t really noticeable. Maybe putting them in a washer bag would help?

I probably wouldn’t pay more than $50…. It obviously has great visual, and it’s unique enough; you’re going to get a lot of stares and/or compliments. However, it’s not a super well-made product. Random metallic grommets in the belts kind of started coming off after just 3 days of wear. Perhaps it’s good as just a special occasion pair of pants.

Overall: Very happy with these pants. I got a lot of interested stares and compliments wearing them… however, I feel slightly irritated that I paid $70 for something that’s already falling apart a little bit in certain places.

UPDATE: It’s been a little over a year and these are probably my favorite pants to wear when going out. After the few grommets fell off the first week or month, they stopped and I don’t think it ruined the overall image of the pants at all. They have not fallen apart in any other way this past year.
However, since owning them, I’ve probably only washed them twice, haha. I’m too scared to do more than spot clean. I’m still extremely happy with these pants though.

Where I bought mine: I got mine from JCPUNK on Ebay. I was wary since they’re based in China, but they arrived in just a week in good condition. You just have to remember to send a message asking if your size is still available before ordering from them.