Livestream of Kmovie “19”!

Over on Tumblr, unfbigbang has announced that they’ll be hosting a livestream of the Korean movie, “19“, which stars Big Bang members, Seungri and TOP! Here are the details:

Choom TOP

Thought I’d share my gif of Choom TOP with you guys :D (If you want it on your tumblr, you can find it here) Likewise, if it’s not moving for you, click on the image or that link to see it in action.

sad kpop music videos crying

Saddest Korean Music Videos

Here’s my list of my favorite saddest, or most impacting, Korean MV’s I’ve come across yet. Some are in two parts. I’ll try to post the more violent/bloody ones towards the end for those who are squeamish. First, here’s an overview list: 8eight – Goodbye My Lover Kim Ji Eun – Yesterday is Different from…

Playlist: Badass Kpop Songs

This list is a request from a friend. These are songs to pump you up or when you have that certain attitude… you know what I’m talking about, right? :D Everybody has a different definition for this… some like loud pumped up rock and others like rap with an attitude. Most of this is Kpop,…

Big Bang Mini Drama; KM IDOL WORLD

Big Bang’s mini dramas are always a lot of fun to watch, whether you’re a VIP or not. One of my favorites by them is an older one they did for KM IDOL WORLD. It has a crazy fanfiction-esque storyline that’s just too funny. It all starts when a seemingly sweet girl shows up at…