Short Time: Korean Movie Review

short time korean movie

Short Time (Lee Dae-ro Can’t Die)

Korean Film (2012) Director: Lee Yeong-Eun
Genre: Comedy/Action My Score: 7/10 ★★★☆☆
Summary: A cop learns he only has 3 months to live. Trying to die accidentally so his young daughter gets the insurance money, he starts going all-out while going after criminals.
Cast: Lee Beom-SooByeon Ju-YeonChoi Sung-GukSon Hyeon-Juand Kang Sung-Yeon

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Visual Kei Pants Review

Product: This time the piece of clothing are these black pants with belt straps down the legs. You’ll most likely find them on Ebay if you search “Kera”.

punk rave kera visual kei pants review

Info: As I stated in my previous reviews, I’m an American size 8/9 or Large. Like the other pants I reviewed, I ordered an XXL and it seems to fit well. I may need a belt to tighten up the waist, but that’s better than almost being to tight like a previous pair. (They seem to fit perfectly until I start walking, haha.)

I’m not really sure if these are actual “Punk Rave” brand pants.
The other pants of this brand that I received, came in an official Punk Rave plastic envelope, had the signature spider button, and had all the tags stating it was Punk Rave.

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Product Review: Punk Rave Exposed Knee Pants Review

Product: This time the piece of clothing are these short-converting bondage-style Japanese pants from Punk Rave. You’ll most likely find them on Ebay if you search “Kera”.

punk rave review

Interesting to note, the skirt on my pants are opposite than those in the photo, and it’s not turned backwards. The skull and grommets were over the zipper, not the buckles. (This photo might be of a prototype.)

Info: First off, these really appear to be authentic Punk Rave brand pants. They came in the original plastic packaging, have the spider button and label.

Now, I’m a size 8 or 9 in average pants sold in the United States. I bought a size XXL of these pants because that’s the size I got for the Punk Rave pants that fit me best. Those pants had the exact same measurements listed as these pants on the Ebay store (88 cm waist, 104 cm hips), so I thought they’d fit perfectly.

Well, these pants did fit me a lot better than the previous pants-to-shorts “Punk Rave” pants I bought from a different seller previously, (which were tight on the thighs but extremely wide in the hips).
However, they did not fit as perfectly as the other pair, (which were comfortably baggy, yet acceptably snug in all the right places).
I feel tempted to warn that the measurements listed in the Ebay store were wrong… these pants seem almost too tight. I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to get these on if they had been a centimeter smaller.

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Big: Korean Drama Review


Korean Drama

My Score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Gong Yoo Lee Min Jung Shin Won Ho Suzy Baek Sung Hyun

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Summary: A high-school boy switches bodies with a 30-year-old doctor. Though the doctor remains in a coma, the kid has to live out the doctor’s life, falling in love with the doctor’s fiance and learning secrets about his own life as time goes by.

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