Artist Spotlight: Primary

The artist this time is…


When thinking about Primary’s music, one word comes to mind: smooth.
Even if he uses a rapper, (which is most of the time), or if he uses a funky beat, it still sounds smooth. I guess it’s a jazz-hip-hop fusion sound most of the time.

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G-Dragon’s Collaborates With Tablo and Nell!

It’s just been revealed that G-Dragon’s mini album will have collaborations with Tablo and Kim Jong Wan of Nell!

Furthermore, his title track “Crayon” is a shortened version of “Crazy On” which is also a shortened version of “Crazy G-Dragon”.
Obviously, he’s going to be going crazy for something in the song.

Which track are you looking forward to the most?



Kpop Weekend Night

Here is my personal all-season Weekend Night playlist~
I prefer listening to this while driving around at night with a carefree, but somewhat moody, feeling.
It’s hard to describe, haha. It’s kind of like you know you’re making memories for future nostalgia :D
It starts fun, but in the end, it ends with that feeling.