Artist Spotlight: i11evn

The artist this time is…

i11evn korean rapper 3


i11evn started rapping at a later stage in life than others, discovering his abilities while in the military at about 21-years-old. He’s self-proclaimed “picky” about his tracks, and it appears that while he wants to rap, he doesn’t want the restrictions that can come with being labeled as something and seems to dislike being tied down to a label.

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New Kpop MVs: 5, April 2013

new korean mvs

I’ve been posting new MV’s, (when I can), onto the Facebook and Twitter pages, but since I started college, it’s been difficult. Not to mention that sometimes it probably ends up spamming people when I try to catch up.

Therefore, I’m going to post the new MV’s in one post… hopefully once a week!

Let’s see how this goes!

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