31 July: New Korean MVs

This week had a lot of good music, just like last week! The highlight for me was Lee Jung Hyun’s comeback! (I was waiting forever, haha!). Also, EXO, f(x), Brown Eyed Girls, and MIB. Koyote, AOA, Kim Hyun Joong, and AA finally came back as well.
New debuts included Kang Seung Yoon, Say Yes, Lee Yu Rim, and Queen B’Z.

Sorry there’s so much this time… since I’m trying to get caught up again, this is over a week’s worth of new releases! I wouldn’t doubt it if I missed some too, since it starts getting hard for me to keep track when it’s more than a week ago, (yeah, I don’t have a very good system in place yet, haha.). I think I got most of my usual YouTube channels though!

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21 July: New Korean MVs


Welp, I got behind again because of finals for my Philosophy class. But now I don’t have classes for the next three weeks!

Lots of really good music came out that week! Infinite, BAP, B2ST, and SHINee, to name a few. Also, BTS and Odd Eye came back. A few groups put out a Japanese release and there were also a few awesome rock songs! I didn’t come across anything that was bad this week.

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Memories of a First Generation American Kpop Fan

hot highfive of teenagers kpop

Well, I was a deprived First Generation American Kpop fan. I’m sure there were others out there who were able to read Korean, or lucky enough to find the original Soompi, (which supposedly came out in 1998. I never found it, unless it was one of those sites that sorely lacked the info I was after at the time, lol), but my 2001 fan days were full of struggles.

(Something important to note: I didn’t even know of the term “Kpop” until about 2010. To me, it was just “Korean music.”)

Imagine being a Kpop fan with no video sites, no communities like tumblr, and no news/info sites.
Imagine knowing of no other English-speaking Kpop fan anywhere besides the random fan site you run into once in awhile.
Here, I’ll tell you about my experiences….

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Kpop Discovery – “My Korean Husband”


Hi guys!

I was on tumblr the other day, and ran into a webcomic called “My Korean Husband.”

It was created by a woman who married a Korean guy and draws little comics of things that happen in their everyday lives. Sometimes he guests and draws a comic about her, haha. It’s a pretty cute couple project!

On YouTube, they’ve started a segment where her husband watches a Kpop video and reviews it. The idea is that international fans can get a bit of an insight as to what an average Korean man might think of Kpop. Since he is an adult, he’s usually very honest and so, often critical. If he likes something, you know he actually likes it, but if you’re a sensitive fan, then you might want to skip his reviews of your bias.

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30 June: New Korean MVs

Ugh I’m late again… school and work are killing me ;o; Well, this is stuff from over a week ago. I’m trying not to get super behind *sigh*

Anyway, Outsider & Verbal Jint are back! No Minwoo is back in the music scene with ICON, and there are a ton of soothing indie songs to check out.

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