July 2014 – New Korean Music

Since I got so behind with vacations and such, I made a post where I left off in July. This is much larger than the weekly posts… I don’t know if that’s better or worse, haha. There are lots of great songs though, so check it out! About these ads

About these ads

Artist of the Week: 4Minute

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~ This week’s artist is… 4Minute Apparently, the name “4Minute” simply stands for “Living 4 Every Minute” or “Show You the Best in 4 Minutes”. Originally, their style was reportedly called “The Candy Funky Style”… and…

Is Cube Entertainment Going Too Far With Hyuna? (Editorial)

Okay, for some reason it seems like all my editorials have something to do with sex appeal lately, haha… I’m sorry about that. I’m really not sure why this is happening. Just bear with me! Anyway… this time it’s mostly about Hyuna, but somewhat about sex appeal in general. I’ll start with talking about my…

Seriously Mnet MAMA? (Editorial)

Okay, yeah, the MAMA awards have been over for a few weeks now. My sister and I watched it stream live and it was pretty fun. Since it started, MAMA has been in a little controversy about the votes. They had an online vote thing going on where you could vote for the nominees… but…