G-Dragon’s Collaborates With Tablo and Nell!

It’s just been revealed that G-Dragon’s mini album will have collaborations with Tablo and Kim Jong Wan of Nell!

Furthermore, his title track “Crayon” is a shortened version of “Crazy On” which is also a shortened version of “Crazy G-Dragon”.
Obviously, he’s going to be going crazy for something in the song.

Which track are you looking forward to the most?



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Artist of the Week: Big Bang

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…


BigBang is one, if not the, most popular Korean boy bands right now… and they deserve it. It’s strange to even call them a “boy band” since they’re all so talented in many other aspects.

A lot of them can write their own music and/or act. They also have their own styles of singing/rapping.

A big part of their success goes to YG Entertainment. Notably, the CEO was a part of Seo Taiji’s revolutionary group back when Kpop was just getting started. After enough training was given to the boys, YG gave them a lot of free range to do their own things and pursue their own interests, which isn’t very common in the manufactured Kpop world.

Every member has done something independent of BigBang. G-Dragon, Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri all have solo albums. TOP has won awards for his acting in the movie “71: Into The Fire”, and has also teamed up with GD to make a separate rap unit.

At first, BigBang was designed as a hip-hop group, but over the course of the years, they’ve grown into their own style. (Especially G-Dragon with his solo work, haha.)


G-Dragon: The Leader/Rapper
Birthday: August 18, 1988
GD started his music career at an early age and writes a lot his own music.

TOP: “Deep-Voice” Rapper
Birthday: November 4, 1987
Writes his own raps. Used to be an underground rapper. Actor.

Daesung: “Smiling Angel” Vocalist
Birthday: April 26, 1989
One of the strong vocalists of the group. Acted in a big-time play as well as a drama called “What’s Up?”.

Taeyang: The Dancer/R&B Vocalist
Birthday: May 18, 1988
Great dancer and singer.

Seungri: Strong Vocalist/Maknae
Birthday:  December 12, 1990
Can write music and sing well.


Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Weibo
Website | Fan Cafe

BigBang Updates | Tumblr: BigBang For Life | BigBang Gifs
Dirty Fan Confessions | Airport Fashion

Big Bang Mini Drama; Idol World (Really crazy mini movie they made when they were still new.)
1N2D (One Night, Two Days) (Daesung gets the guys together for a retreat. Funny games & see their personalities.)
Video Archives (Download ALL the videos!)


  • “TOP never shows skin”. Fans good-naturedly joke about how TOP fan-service involves him showing his ankles or neck since he never likes to take off his shirt, and even tries to avoid T-shirts when possible. (There’s probably only one photo of TOP showing his stomach, and that’s when they first debuted and had to lift their shirts up for a dance). Some memes involve him putting on more layers instead of taking them off.

The one time TOP showed his stomach….

…But then TOP stopped lifting his shirt… lol.

  • Another good-natured meme is how TOP can’t really dance. It’s not as common, but fans aren’t mean about it. (Even Big Bang themselves tease TOP about it). That’s usually known as “Choom TOP,” in reference to a recorded conversation with TOP where he drunkenly refers to himself by that title.
  • Taeyang memes are “swan prince” and “never wearing a shirt”. There are screencaps and clips of Taeyang being hyper, dancing and twirling around at random places, which spawned the “I am the swan prince!” meme. Taeyang also is shirtless on many, many occasions.
  • One meme, that might not really be a full-blown meme yet, could also be how TOP has kissed all the members of Big Bang on the lips except for Taeyang. (TOP is usually cast as the male lead in the drama spin-off mini movies they do for their concerts, and as a result, he has kissed each member as fan-service in those movies).


They have many good songs and music videos. Since they promoted in Japan for awhile, some of the songs are in Japanese. Here are a few:

“Fantastic Baby” is very popular right now:

Even most people not into Kpop seem to like “Bad Boy”:

“Haru Haru” is one of their most popular, classic songs:

So is “Lies”:

I personally love “Beautiful Hangover”. Great song and pretty MV:

This one is really beautiful, “KOE WO KIKASETE”:

“Love Song” is pretty and sad. It seems it’s about someone who died and they can’t live without:

“Tonight” is pretty catchy:

And for fun, here’s a pretty old one to end with :D “La-La-La”:

Another Korean Idol Drug Crackdown

As most of you know, G-Dragon was caught with a positive for marijuana in a drug test last summer… though the news came out early last month.

About a week after that, Korean news came out that another “top idol” was being investigated as well, though they remained anonymous at the time.

Now, today, news came out that E-Sens of Supreme Team admitted to smoking marijuana too. He’s being suspended, but once everything is over, his agency is planning to welcome him back.

Unlike G-Dragon’s confession, where he claimed that he only smoked it once, E-Sens has said he’s smoked it multiple times throughout the year …with his friends… in Korea, (although his agency said he did not get any other musicians or co-workers to do it with him).

E-Sens’s statement could be a real eye-opener for some fans who think their idols are innocent and pure, when in reality, they’re most likely just like any other normal guys their age. Of course, most fans know this in the back of their minds, but it becomes more of a reality when we’re presented with evidence like this.

An anonymous Korean actor said, “Among celebrities, there have been several stars who have been suspected.[allkpop]

Plus, Korean actor Kim Sung Min, (who was arrested last year for possession and usage of both weed and meth), also revealed that he knew of 10 other entertainers involved with illegal drugs in some way.

As someone who’s been into Kpop for almost 10 years, I can tell you that these things are not new.

Back in 2001/2002, apparently ecstasy was the main concern (it’s probably still being used, but since it’s hard to detect, they don’t try as hard to test for it). There was a big investigation among 30-some stars for several types of drugs… including YG’s Psy. [mapinc.com] (I need to note here that Psy was NOT in YG Entertainment at the time of his marijuana conviction in 2001).

I remember reading about how Korean stores were taking CD’s off the shelves due to the ban of an idol who was convicted… and I was amazed at the difference between Korea and America when it came to drugs.

Yes, Korea is pretty strict when it comes to drugs, (I personally think the lawmakers there believe any drug is a gateway drug that will inevitably lead you to heroin somehow later in life), but even though they’re really anti-drug and strict, it’s naive to believe it’s very uncommon for people to be doing drugs there. (Although, if you already smoke weed in your country, don’t do it in Korea. They’ve been known to arrest foreigners for drugs just by seeing a “suspicious package” in the mail being sent to them. [Travel.State.gov] You’ll probably get arrested, deported and heavily fined… but mainly, it’ll contribute to giving all foreigners a bad reputation, so it’ll affect more than you.)

Anyway, no matter how weed is viewed in Korea, many stars there may very well be just like the ones here in America. The only difference could be that they just hide it much better. Who knows? Though personally, unless they do something really horrible like intentional murder (haha), I’ll always love my biases.

G-Dragon Marijuana Scandal

Okay, so I’m sure by now, most of you kpop fans know about this.

Apparently, back in May 2011, G-Dragon from Big Bang was in a club in Japan and smoked a little bit of weed, in the words of his fans, “by mistake”.

“I smoked a cigarette that someone had given me at a club,” G-Dragon said. “The smell was somewhat different from that of a regular cigarette so I was slightly suspicious that it was marijuana, but it is true that I smoked it,” he said. [allkpop]

The police gave him a drug test and the urine tested negative, but his hair test was positive. He then made that confession.

However, since the amount was so very small, it was his first offence, and because “he’s a college student”, they didn’t press charges and he’s not black-listed from the entertainment world like others before him.

Click here for a translation of YG Entertainment’s official statement on the case. This describes exactly what they believe happened.

GD & TOP were going to debut in Japan this November 2011, but now G-Dragon is going to take some time off of promotions because of this. GD was also working on a solo album, but now that’s uncertain.

FYI: Marijuana is illegal in Japan and Korea. Punishment is typically more severe than in the United States.

What are my thoughts?

At first I didn’t believe him. I laughed at his excuse and believed he really has been doing it all the time.

After reading more into it and thinking, I now believe that because the amount was so small, he really might have been telling the truth. He was in a club when it happened, so he most likely had a few drinks and could have had his judgement impaired enough by the alcohol to just smoke the thing anyway.

Hair tests do cover a span of 30-90 days time. If he had smoked before, or more than that in the past, it would probably be a rare thing since the amount in the test was so tiny in such a span of time.

So, I think what he did was stupid, since it’s not only illegal, but people who do it in those countries are treated as a disgrace. He’s too famous to risk doing something like that. But I can see how it could happen in a club with his judgment impaired and being curious.

Of course, it could have been bigger but YG bribed enough to cover him. Though if he had been guilty enough for YG to actually use bribes, he probably would’ve avoided the drug test in the first place…. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and hopefully this will all blow over. Sure he’s shown not-so-good judgement in the past, but he’s still young. Especially compared with most American celebrities his age; he’s a good kid.

I mean, he’s only 23. It’s a scientific fact that “…the region of the brain that inhibits risky behavior is not fully formed until age 25.”

(Also, just who tipped the police off? An anti-fan? Haha.)

Conspiracy Theories

Another interesting aspect of this case is how some fans are questioning whether this is actually a cover-up for a large group of politicians that were caught gambling during work with company credit cards. This alleged news article was supposedly quickly shoved down when this story about G-Dragon came out and eventually disappeared altogether while people were distracted. [orangieland] [thevulgarizm]

If true, this could explain why this is being blown out of proportion, as well as why it took a few months to break into the news. Things like this have happened with other politicians and celebrities in the past so it’s not an unlikely idea (for example, Seo Taiji’s divorce scandal made headlines during a BBK stock manipulation scandal involving the South Korean president… though Seo Taiji’s issue had been going on months before without any notice) .

However, this theory could have been made up by fans that are trying to find excuses for G-Dragon or lessen the blow. There really is no more evidence about this politician issue to back it up anymore. Maybe this isn’t being blown out of proportion since GD was being praised so much until now so it’s more shocking, and maybe it took a few months to get out since it happened in Japan instead of his home country.

What do you think?