29 June, 2014: New Korean Music List

Lots of good, (or at least interesting), Kpop comebacks and debuts! Not too much rock this time. This week includes K.Will, Jung Joon Young, HISTORY, 2BiC, GOT7, Hyomin, and more!


June 2, 2014: New Korean Music

A handful of Kpop comebacks, including Taeyang, BAP, U-Kiss, N-Sonic… and Kyung from Block B featured in an awesome song by Kim Yeon Woo. On the indie front, we have Fromm, Lucia, RURURU, and a massive upload from Jung Key. There was also a good amount of rap this week! Yay! P-TYPE came back; so…

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Memories of a First Generation American Kpop Fan

Well, I was a deprived First Generation American Kpop fan. I’m sure there were others out there who were able to read Korean, or lucky enough to find the original Soompi, (which supposedly came out in 1998. I never found it, unless it was one of those sites that sorely lacked the info I was…

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Artist Spotlight: i11evn

The artist this time is… i11evn i11evn started rapping at a later stage in life than others, discovering his abilities while in the military at about 21-years-old. He’s self-proclaimed “picky” about his tracks, and it appears that while he wants to rap, he doesn’t want the restrictions that can come with being labeled as something…