“When Your Bias Gonna Enlist ?”

Originally posted on saphirya:
*Before every fans freak out, I just wanna say that is not the confirm year of enlisting, don’t take my word, I just go by the logic. If all the idol does like Leeteuk and Yesung and enlist at the very last time the years you gonna see below are the…

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Choom TOP

Thought I’d share my gif of Choom TOP with you guys :D (If you want it on your tumblr, you can find it here) Likewise, if it’s not moving for you, click on the image or that link to see it in action.

Psy Has Signed With Island Records!

So, I’m sure many of you have heard that Psy came to America to talk with Island Records. Well, it’s just been revealed that he has officially signed with that company! This does not mean he’s not a part of YG anymore… it just means that Island Records will be in charge of his American…


Dramas By Score/Rating

Dramas Listed By Rating. For more information on ratings/scores, please see the guide. (Remember these are just my personal opinion. You might think a 7 is an 8… or that an 8 is a 7. Just use this as a rough guide.) 9/10 =Near Perfection Mars Personal Taste Protect the Boss Reply 1997/Answer 1997 Secret Garden Summer…