Don Quixote: Japanese Drama Review

don quixote jdrama

Don Quixote

Japanese Drama (2011) Episodes: 11
Genre: Comedy/Friendship My Score: 7.5/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: A timid child welfare agent gets his body switched with a yakuza boss. They agree to play as each other so nobody suspects the change. As a result, the pair team up to save children together, becoming unlikely friends in the process.
Lead Actors: Matsuda Shota and Takahashi Katsumi

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Love Shuffle: Japanese Drama Review

love shuffle jdrama

Love Shuffle

Korean Drama (2009) Episodes: 10
Genre: Romance/Comedy My Score: 8.5/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: Having problems with their love lives, four couples decide to rotate partners to find out if there’s more to love and life than they first thought.
Lead Actors: Tamaki HiroshiKarinaMatsuda ShotaTanihara ShosukeDAIGOKanjiya ShihoriKojima Hijiri, and Yoshitaka Yuriko

Review: Don’t like the sound of this drama? Give it a try anyway. It’s a lot more than what it seems to be.

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Kingyo Club: Japanese Drama Review

kingyo club japanese drama

Kingyo Club

Japanese Drama (2011) Episodes: 10
Genre:Slice-of-Life/Drama/Romance My Score: 6.5/10 ★★★☆☆
Summary: Haru is a guy that thinks nothing matters. That is, until he meets Koto, a younger girl who’s being bullied. But, as someone who will graduate at the end of the year, just how can he protect her?
Lead Actors: Irie JingiKariya YuikoMizuno ErinaYoshizawa RyoKurihara Goro

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Cheap Love: Japanese Drama Review

Cheap Love

Japanese Drama

My Score: 7.5/10


Lead Actors: Sorimachi Takashi Tsuruta Mayu Yoshizawa Hisashi Kurosaka Mami

Episodes: 10

Genre: Romance/Action/Crime

Summary: A straight and narrow girl longs to actually live instead of following along on the easy and “right” path designated for her.
She grows increasingly interested in a nightclub scout, but can’t decide whether to pursue him, or follow the advice of her friends and parents by accepting her boring, but “safe”, arranged marriage.

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