New Kpop Girl Groups I Have My Eye On

Girl groups are getting a lot of criticism lately… People are saying there’s too many of them and so, before a group even debuts, it has a lot of people who aren’t willing to like them.

I agree that a lot of them are sounding the same these days and they’re over-using a lot of concepts, such as “cute” or ‘sexy”.
However, here are some groups that have caught my attention.

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Nichkhun Driving Under The Influence?

So, Nichkhun from 2PM decided to drive while drunk. In Korea, the Blood Alcohol Content limit .050%. Nichkhun’s tested at .056%.

Not only was he driving under the influence, but he also rear-ended a motorcyclist with his car ¬†at an intersection. Thankfully the motorcyclist wasn’t killed, but he did gain injuries on his leg, arm and ears.
According to the news, the accident happened around 3:30AM in Gangnam. After the accident, he supposedly went home because everything was so minor. The accident was considered to be minor and he was only over the limit by a small amount.

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