5 Manhwa Recommendations

For those of you who don’t know, manhwa are Korean comics that are very similar to manga.

They’re read left to right and have a different feeling than their Japanese counterparts.

There are a lot of great manhwa out there and there’s a million on my to-read list.
Here are five out of my favorites list~

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Hwayoung Leaving T-ara!

First off, I’ve never really been into T-ara or any of the girls in that group. I’m just a spectator to this.

It’s really crazy how rumors make everything go out of control! But I guess that’s how it is with every Kpop controversy that pops up.

It all started with T-ara and Twitter.

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Sprout: Recap Two

Okay, I’m sure some of you could tell that I wasn’t too impressed with the first episode of this drama. After watching it, I went and read the first volume of the manga version and was surprised at the things they had changed. I actually preferred the manga much more, so I think I’m going to read it when the drama is over or I might liked the drama even less.

But I’ll finish this drama and maybe I’ll like it by the end. Hey, maybe I’ll even like it after this next episode!

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