LeeU, Formerly Of F.Cuz, Joins Block B’s Agency

When LeeU left F.Cuz I was pretty sad because he was my bias. However, today, I just found out that he signed with Brand New Stardom, which is home to my 2nd favorite group, Block B.

As of yet, they aren’t sure whether they’ll put him in a group or have him go solo.
I don’t know how I feel about this little bit of news, since it has been previously reported that the reason he left F.Cuz was to pursue a solo career. If he gets put in a group at Brand New Stardom, then what would have been the real reason for him leaving? The fact that his old company didn’t promote F.Cuz well enough or something? Hmmm. Well, if that happens to the the case, I guess I can’t really blame him for that, but it would be disappointing as an F.Cuz fan. I would like to imagine that they were all close friends.

Anyway, I’ll be excited to see him in the Kpop scene again. I hope it’s soon!

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Saddest Korean Music Videos

Here’s my list of my favorite saddest, or most impacting, Korean MV’s I’ve come across yet.
Some are in two parts. I’ll try to post the more violent/bloody ones towards the end for those who are squeamish.

First, here’s an overview list:

8eight – Goodbye My Lover
Kim Ji Eun – Yesterday is Different from Today
Gummy – I’m Sorry
Bom – You and I
Bom – Don’t Cry
Ailee – Heaven
Younha – Broke Up Today
Fly to the Sky – My Angel
Big Bang – Haru Haru
Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye
Park Hyo Shin – After Love (Movie Version)
The Day Before – Nell
Position – By You Just Being In This World ft. Lee Wan
FT Island – A Man’s First Love & Only One (Part 2)
Bohemian – Don’t Hurt
2BiC – I Made Another Girl Cry
Bang Yong Gook  - I Remember
Zhang Li Yin – I Will (Part 1)
Zhang Li Yin – Lovers (Part 2)
Huh Gak – Hello (Part 1)
Huh Gak – I Told You I Wanna Die (Part 2)

Honorable Mentions:
Here are more that you should really check out. I just ran out of space to list all of them. Plus, there’s even more if you search for them!

Yangpa – It Hurts
2AM – You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls
Zhang Li Yin – Timeless (pt 1 & 2)
AB Avenue – Women Know
KISS – Because I’m A Girl
Jung Chul – It’s Raining
Taebin – The Reason I Close My Eyes
SAT – This Is Me
Sung Yuri – One Person
Ga-In – For You Not To Know
Brown Eyed Girls – Sign
8eight – Without a Heart
IU – The Story Only I Didn’t Know
Kim Dong Ryul – Replay
See Ya – A Woman’s Scent (there’s a part 2 prequel/sequel, but it’s not sad and it’s cliche)
Pray – SunnyHill

…And there’s so many videos featuring someone being hit by a car & then going back in time, that I’ll list them all here if you want to look them up:

Position – By You Just Being In This World ft. Lee Wan
JYJ – Heaven
Zia – The Way I Am
FT Island – Severely
Lee Hyun –  30 Minutes Ago ft.Lim Jeong Hee

Now get the tissues ready because here are the videos:

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Spring Bears Love Korean Movie Review

Spring Bears Love Movie

My Score: 6.5/10


Director: Yi Yong

Cast: Bae Doo-Na Kim Nam-Jin Yun Ji-Hye

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Summary: Due to her rather obnoxious manners and habits, Hyun-chae has been unsuccessful with love. Soon after getting dumped again, she comes across some short love letters written in numerous art books at the library. Each note contains a reference to the next book the writer wrote a love letter in.

Desperate for love, she believes these letters are for her and becomes obsessed with finding the mystery man responsible for them… completely ignoring that her best guy friend is deeply in love with her.

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Playlist: Badass Kpop Songs

This list is a request from a friend.

These are songs to pump you up or when you have that certain attitude… you know what I’m talking about, right? :D Everybody has a different definition for this… some like loud pumped up rock and others like rap with an attitude. Most of this is Kpop, but there are some other types of Korean music in here as well, so I hope you find something you like out of this!

If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Here are my personal top 25 picks:

  1. BAP -Warrior
  2. BAP – Power
  3. Seo Taiji - FM Business
  4. The TRAX – Paradox
  5. HOT – Natural Born Killer
  6. Zico – Attention
  7. Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  8. Super Junior – Superman
  9. 2NE1 - Pretty Boy
  10. 4minute – Huh
  11. MBLAQ – Oh Yeah
  12. MBLAQ – Run
  13. Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense
  14. HyunA – Change
  15. Block B – Halo
  16. Block B – LOL
  17. U-KISS – Shut Up
  18. EXO –  Two Moons
  19. Lee Hyori – I’m Back
  20. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
  21. 2NE1 – I Am The Best (FYI this song sounds really good as a rock song. Look it up!)
  22. MC Sniper – Push It
  23. Jang Woo Hyuk – One Way/Into the Storm
  24. Jang Woo Hyuk – Sun That Never Sets
  25. Zico & Mino – 4 My Town
Bonus: 2PM – Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop

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