Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah In New Drama Together!

Oooooh Yeeeeah!

Two of my favorite actors are going to be starring together in a new historical drama! Lee Jun Ki (seen in My Girl, Iljimae, Hero) and Shin Min Ah (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, A Love to Kill, My Mighty Princess). Oh man, I wonder if Lee Jun Ki is going to have  a lot of facial hair in this role! That’ll be something new for me!

It’s going to be a drama of the classic Arang tale. If you’ve seen the Korean movie Arang, (which is set in modern times), you might remember that at the end, there was some hangul text that told of the old story. This drama will be portraying it.

This classic horror story is about a ghost. She appears in front of a government official asking for vengeance, since she had been murdered. He agrees and tries to help her.

It’s important to note that this will be Lee Jun Ki’s first acting gig since he was released from the military… not only that, but it will be Shin Min Ah’s first historical drama! Plus, Kim Sang Ho PD is producing it, (he produced Fantasy Couple, Soul, and Can You Hear My Heart).

It will start airing in July… I can’t wait to watch this drama on a warm summer night~ :D


I’m recapping this drama if you have no time to watch it~ 

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Block B’s Thai Controversy

Attention: If the petition to get Block B to disband is making you mad, then you can sign this petition to keep them together. It currently has 8740 signatures. See it here.

As many of you know already, Block B has been heavily criticized for an interview they had in Thailand. People have been going so far as to say they’re killing the Hallyu wave.

At first I was going to just let it pass. I didn’t feel it would be that serious… or I mean, at least not as serious as the Big Bang controversies this past year… so I wasn’t going to write an article on it. Plus, I just didn’t have enough information to make any judgments about it. I can’t rely on just bits and pieces of an interview!

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