Product Review: Holika Holika Egg Soap

Product: This month’s review is on the Hollika Hollika egg soap.

Info: This soap comes individually wrapped tightly with a clear plastic. It comes in 4 different types: Regular, Red Clay, Green Tea, and Charcoal. I got the Red Clay.

Opinion: It does have a perfume smell like other reviews have stated. My nose is really sensitive to synthetic smells, but I quickly got used to it and haven’t been bothered at all. The smell under the perfume is kind of eggy, but pleasant.

I liked it, but not for the price… it’s hard to find this soap sold for under $15.00. With shipping and handling, you’re looking at $20.00 at least. That’s about $10.00 an egg. Now that would be do-able, but these eggs are small. They’re smaller than a normal real chicken egg. They last about a month each if used by two people.

At first, I thought it was a fairly good soap. Nothing special, but not worse than any other bar soap. However, after a month of using this, I realized that it was making me get pimples in places I never got them before… like around my eyes, eyebrows and forehead (and they’re not just small pimples). Also, the pimples wouldn’t clear faster or anything and they were more red than usual,  which is abnormal for me. (My diet hadn’t changed or anything else, so I’m pretty sure it was the soap.)

It is fairly drying, so use a moisturizer afterwards!

Overall: I won’t buy this again unless it’s to try one of the other formulas… and that’s just because I’m a very curious person, (which is why I bought this in the first place).

Bottom line is, you can get something just as effective for a much cheaper price, like African black soap bought in bulk. It also may or may not give you those strange pimples. My sister didn’t seem to have any problems like I did.

Where I bought mine: This is a pretty good site. You can request things you want from Korea if you can’t find it on any other site and they always send an extra little gift.  However, there are a few over-priced items on their site, so make sure you look around a bit first. It can also take a bit longer than usual to get the items since they’re kind of doing a middle-man thing, (they have to wait for their contact in Korea to send it to them first). Besides that, I like this shop and would probably order from them again.

Artist of the Week: CN Blue

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…

CN Blue

CN Blue is a fairly unique name. The “CN” stands for “Code Name“, and the BLUE is an abbreviation for each of the member’s characteristics; “Burning“, “Lovely“, “Untouchable” and “Emotional“.  (Scroll down to the “members” section to see which characteristic is for which member of the group). One of the things that stands out about this group is the catchy beats in their music. It’s easy to get their songs stuck in your head.

CN Blue is from the same company as FT Island. They’re both pop rock groups where the members play instruments instead of dance. It has been said that FT Island was an “experiment” that led to CN Blue. This may be true, but it’s not a negative thing as the company didn’t abandon FT Island when CN Blue came around. The two groups are friends and there’s no negative feelings about it between them.

This group’s debut was interesting. They first wandered around Japan, playing in the streets as an indie band. After about half a year of that, they released a Korean album. In Korea, their debut song reached the top of the charts, ensuring their success.

I think I should also note that in the first 3 months of CN Blue’s debut, they had a different bassist. Kwon Kwang Jin left for unknown reasons after their first album failed to reach the Oricon chart and he was replaced by Lee Jung Shin.

Just like Hongki of FT Island, Yonghwa of CN Blue got a big role in the super popular drama “You’re Beautiful” as well. And just like FT Island gaining international fans from it, so did CN Blue. Because of the success Yonghwa brought from this role, and because he became so widely recognized by it, he became the new leader of the group.

Soon, Yonghwa landed another role in the drama “Heartstrings”. This time, CN Blue bandmate Min Hyuk joined the casting. I can’t tell if it affected CN Blue further, but it certainly helped Min Hyuk gain recognition among fans.


Jung Yong Hwa  ‘Emotional’
Leader, Rhythm Guitarist, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper
June 22, 1989

 Lee Jong Hyun ‘Burning’
Lead Guitarist, Vocalist
May 15, 1990

Kang Min Hyuk ‘Lovely’
Drummer, Backing Vocalist
June 28, 1991

 Lee Jung Shin ‘Untouchable’
Bassist, Rapper, Backing Vocalist
September 15, 1991


Facebook | Twitter | Youtube
Website | Official Twitter Fanclub

CNBlueStorm | CNBlue4U | Color Me CNBlue



  • They have their own variety show called “CNBLUETORY.”
  • Yonghwa was on Season Two of “We Got Married” with Seohyun of SNSD.
  • They were also on 1N2D.



Sophie’s Revenge Chinese Movie Review

Sophie’s Revenge Movie

My Score: 7.5/10 


Director:  Yimeng Jin

Cast: Ziyi Zhang Peter Ho So Ji-Sub Bingbing Fan

Summary: Sophie’s finance leaves her for an actress, so she plots a revenge of getting him back and then dumping him in front of everyone. Along the way, she meets a guy named Gordon that apparently has been dumped by the actress her ex is now with. So they team up together for Sophie’s revenge, inevitably falling in love with each other along the way.

Review: I was a bit confused at first… whether this movie was Chinese or Korean. A lot of the text was Korean… there was also a Korean actor in it. However, the language is all Mandarin. It was produced by a big Korean company, so maybe that would explain the Korean text? It was a little strange to me, but I guess they use English like that in foreign movies sometimes….

This movie almost did it; I liked the comedy a lot.  The visuals were good too; Sophie’s apartment was full of color. The story had some interesting little things in it, like when Sophie is telling Gordon about a dream she had. I was hoping to give this a 9 out of 10 at least.

However, towards the end, it got a little boring to me. It seems that when this movie is trying to be serious, they fall back on a lot of cliche’s and predictable plot devices. The end just felt hectic.

Despite that, I would probably watch it again.

My Score: 7.5/10 

Artist of the Week: FT Island

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…

FT Island

FT Island stands for “Five Treasure Island” and is an idol band that makes rock-type music. They’re in the pop-rock category, however, since the band was formed by a company that makes music for them… the same way pop groups are formed (though reportedly they did have a say in naming the band). Even though that was how the band was created, and how their music is written, they do play the music completely on their own, (though they just pretend for TV concerts. Something about the live sound is too difficult to film). No outsiders play the instruments for them or anything.

One of the things that makes them stand out is the lead vocalist, Lee Hongki. His powerful voice is full of emotion that’s not very usual for someone his age. Hongki also allowed more foreigners to know FT Island by landing a big role in the popular drama “You’re Beautiful“. Even though his role was generally kind of goofy, there was a serious scene where his acting really shined. He acquired many new overseas fans which led to more fans for FT Island as well. This may have been the reason they were so successful when they debuted in Japan.

Actually, Hongki started out as an actor, but when he was 13 he sang a song for the soundtrack of a drama he was starring in. So many people were impressed by his voice, he was quickly snatched up and began training for FT Island.

FT Island has a kind of sub-group called FT Triple (used to be called A3). It consists of Choi Jonghun, Choi Minhwan, and Lee Jaejin. The purpose of this sub-group is to play kind of intermission songs so Hongki can rest his voice during concerts.

There is a former member of this band that you may want to know about if you’re new to FT Island.  Oh Won Bin left with no hard feelings in 2009. Supposedly it was due to a conflict in music differences, but I personally think it’s just because he wanted to go solo. He was a co-lead vocalist and guitarist.

Another interesting thing about this band is some of their music videos are two-part dramas. Here’s one of them “A Man’s First and Only One”:


Choi Jong Hun
March 7, 1990

Lee Hongki
Main Vocalist/Visual
March 2, 1990

Lee Jae Jin
December 17, 1991

Song Seung Hyun
Rhythm Guitarist/Rapper
August 21, 1992

Choi Min Hwan
November 11, 1992