2PM and Miss A’s Interactive Movie!

I’ve been looking forward to this…

2PM and Miss A’s interactive movie has just been released!

Why did they make it? It’s a project to promote tourism in Korea.┬áKorea Tourism Organization produced it.

It’s long, but pretty entertaining overall. The “games” are very easy, but interactive is a very fun and unique aspect :D I love how you get to be “in” the movie with the idols.

Also, if you choose wisely, the end hints at a little bit of romance~ hehe!

For the people wondering what this “interactive” thing is all about… well basically it’s a movie you watch, but once in awhile you get to click and choose different things with your computer mouse. Check it out!



Some people experience difficulties viewing it, but it is still there.
You just have to wait awhile for it to load :D

Each page can have slow loading troubles, so if you have these problems, I recommend you wait a bit before clicking “play”.
If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to refresh and start over a few times….


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