Halloween Special

Well, since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d make a special post today :D

First off, “scary” in Korean is 무섭다 (museobda). In Japanese it’s 怖い (kowai).

I’ve been watching a lot of Asian horror films to get in the mood… but to be honest, none of them really seemed scary to me… haha…. I like them, but there’s usually just too much story and not enough scary IMO. If any of you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

For me, I recommend “Bloody Reunion/To Sir With Love”, “A Tale of Two Sisters”, or “Someone Behind You“.

But instead of doing in-depth movie reviews for Halloween, I’ll just be doing a post of random get-you-in-the-mood-for-Halloween stuff that’s related to Korea or Japan~

Let’s start off with a creepy Tokyo All-Girls Zombie Walk video! Looks fun~


Now for some music videos. Midnight Circus by Sunny Hill has a particularly eerie carnival feel to it.

G-Dragon’s She’s Gone definitely fits… especially with the set and outfit style he chose.

Before the Dawn (BTD) by Infinite could fit too. I mean, they fight a creepy shadow man!


In the photo category there are some newer ones of Brown Eyed Girls that might get you in the mood for the season~ They did these photos for Vogue November 2011. The pics aren’t really scary, but you know, I think the kind of dull-colored, darker, atmosphere fits in with autumn, and the strange sets fit in with Halloween well enough. You can view all of them over here, at Vogue Korea’s official site.

…And here are some photos of actual Halloween costumes~



Min, Jo Kwon

Jang Geun Suk’s Mom


I’ll end this post with a well-known horror comic that’s been going around the internet. You don’t have to know Korean to enjoy this, but here’s a translation for AFTER you’ve seen it. Anyway, just make sure you have flash enabled and your sound on, then keep slowly scrolling down :D Korean Horror Comic

Happy Halloween~! :D

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Product Review: Belted Punk Rave Pants

So, on the last Friday of every month, I’ll do this little segment… a review on some clothes I bought online.

Why? Because I was looking for something like this myself when I was going to buy them, so I think it’ll be helpful.

Product: This month’s article of clothing are these bondage-style Japanese pants from Punk Rave. You’ll most likely find them on ebay if you search “Kera”.

Info: Now, I’m a size 8 or 9 in average pants sold in the United States. I bought a size XXL of these pants to be safe. They were pretty baggy around my waist, but were fine with a belt, (they fall off without a belt). I think an XL would’ve been good for me.

The legs of the pants fit well… not too tight, but not really baggy.

When I got these pants, the buckles weren’t fit like the photo, but it was easy to undo the buckles and put them that way if I wanted to.

Things I didn’t like about these pants were: The belt. It had sharp edges that stabbed me often… and then it wasn’t that sturdy around the buckle so it broke somehow. But this is an easy fix with a different belt; not really a big problem at all.

The second thing was something I was anticipating anyway, which is on the pants’ legs, there is shredded material on top of the basic pants. When you wash these pants, this material will most likely rip in a few places… especially if you don’t take off ALL the buckles before you wash/dry them. It’s not a big deal though. It’s supposed to look shredded and a few rips around that area aren’t really noticeable. Maybe putting them in a washer bag would help?

I probably wouldn’t pay more than $50…. It obviously has great visual, and it’s unique enough; you’re going to get a lot of stares and/or compliments. However, it’s not a super well-made product. Random metallic grommets in the belts kind of started coming off after just 3 days of wear. Perhaps it’s good as just a special occasion pair of pants.

Overall: Very happy with these pants. I got a lot of interested stares and compliments wearing them… however, I feel slightly irritated that I paid $70 for something that’s already falling apart a little bit in certain places.

UPDATE: It’s been a little over a year and these are probably my favorite pants to wear when going out. After the few grommets fell off the first week or month, they stopped and I don’t think it ruined the overall image of the pants at all. They have not fallen apart in any other way this past year.
However, since owning them, I’ve probably only washed them twice, haha. I’m too scared to do more than spot clean. I’m still extremely happy with these pants though.

Where I bought mine: I got mine from JCPUNK on Ebay. I was wary since they’re based in China, but they arrived in just a week in good condition. You just have to remember to send a message asking if your size is still available before ordering from them.

Artist of the Week: Seo Taiji

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…

Seo Taiji

Seo Taiji is THE legend of Kpop.

He started off as a 14-year-old school dropout that was in a few rock groups. At 17 he created the stage name he’s now known for and was recruited into a metal band called Sinawe. After that broke up, he started the dance group Seo Taiji and Boys in 1991, when he was about 19 years old.

People call him a musical genius. He basically found and experimented with midi technology to make new things that hadn’t been heard before… at least not in his country. Seo Taiji loves to experiment with new sounds and is not concerned with whether people like it or not. He wasn’t even planning to debut Seo Taiji and Boys, but it got insanely popular anyway.

If it wasn’t for his success, pop music in Korea would probably be a lot different from what we know today. He created the sound of dance mixed with rap that is so prevalent now.

But, even with his fame and success, he stayed true to himself. Soon, Seo Taiji and Boys progressed to a rock sound. Then, because Seo Taiji does what he wants, they ran into controversies when he made music about whatever he felt strongly about… for example, how he believes schools brainwash the youth.

After a few years of this, even though they were still super popular, Seo Taiji broke up the group and retired in the United States… (where it was later found that he had gotten married secretly. After 14 years they divorced, but nobody knew for years).

Anyway, after 2 years in America, he suddenly came back as a solo artist. Even without any promotion, his comeback album sold over a million copies!

He’s been currently working on a film that appears to be a compilation of some sorts of his previous artistic music videos. You can keep up with him on his Official Youtube Channel.

So there you have it. Seo Taiji is mysterious, does what he wants, and is super successful. (He’ll always be my main idol!)

I’ll leave you with a few of his music videos, though it’s hard for me to pick favorites :D (If you like metal, you might like Tank. It has no video, so I’m just putting it as a link :D)

Here’s one of his newer ones:

This song is kind of sad… “Robot”  Today, I cry again as I hug my robot that was everything to me when I was young:

This is one of his heavy metal songs, “Internet War”:

“FM Business” is about… well there’s subs so I don’t really have to explain lol:

“Victim” is actually my favorite Seo Taiji song:

“Heffy End” is about a woman that stalks the guy she likes.

And for a finish, here’s a pretty, soft-sounding song “October 4th” (which can also be read as “angel”):